Sneeze Guards

Creating separate partition between two parties, protective sneeze guards assure health safety and prevent spread of germs. To contain contaminants within the confined spaces where maintaining social distancing is difficult, cough guards provide defense.

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As must-have additions to convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, food services and banks, cough guards and counter barriers can act as partitions to prevent spread of germs. Manufactured from durable acrylic plastic, the social distance barriers will prove as vital resource during infectious disease outbreaks and flu seasons. When maintaining social distance is not possible in confined spaces, install our protective barriers to create shields when two parties need to communicate. At cash counters, payment checkouts, bank teller windows, and registration desks, the sneeze guards will protect your staff from infection when the visitors accidentally cough or sneeze. Even if they are physically ill and may spread the spittle and droplets through coughs, sneezes, and communication, sneeze guard shields will protect your employees. Easy to install, they need to be positioned and suspended on countertops, display shelves, desks, and tables. At takeaway and payment checkouts, get sneeze guard barriers installed to protect essential workers from airborne contaminants or infections. Acting as an added layer of protection, cough guards will create the additional partition between patrons and service representatives who need to communicate directly. Reinforcing public health measure and social distancing, they will create physical spacing between two people when they are interacting face to face. Easy to clean, they will make workplaces safer to prevent cross-contamination from customers who come from outside.