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Event Wristbands

What is A Wristband?

Wristbands, also called silicone bracelets, are appealing bands or straps that one can wear around the wrist for various reasons. Wristbands are also known as rubber bracelets. Bracelets and wristbands, subsequently, are considered to be two distinct items of ornaments. A wristband is simple to wear and can be worn at any time.

Supporters from all over the world could be seen wearing the wristbands, which became an international craze. Andy Roddick, a tennis player for the United States, sells blue wristbands with the slogan “No Compromise” to collect money from their fans for the Andy Roddick Foundation, which works to improve the lives of children in need.

In the tennis community, both players and spectators choose blue wristbands. Because of this, cloth wristbands were well-known before rubber wristbands gained traction.

Sports Cloth Wristbands Brief Overview

Wristbands are used by many other organizations to aid in awareness- and fundraising. The main reason wristbands are used by sporting events is to absorb sweat and stop it from getting sweat on their hands.

Tennis players and athletes who participate in other sports may also have diminished grip as a result of hand sweat. Tennis events frequently feature sports wristbands. In addition to looking great and causing promotion, athletes wear such wristbands for numerous reasons:

  • Tennis players use wristbands the most since they must hold their rackets for long periods to aid in absorbing sweat to stop it from dripping onto their hands.
  • For runners who want to wipe sweat off their faces, cloth wristbands are their choice. Any athletes that are required to spend a significant amount of time outside, like soccer or cricket, can fairly much be stated to fall under this category.
  • The list of sports that benefit from sport band that absorb sweat includes basketball players who dunk, tennis players who grip the racket for hours at a time, baseball players who hit and field ground balls, cricket players who bat, and more. Basketball players and tennis players use most of these cloth wristbands because they believe it will improve their performance or the results of their games.

Why Do You Need A Wristband?

Types of Event Wristbands

A wristband is a great method to advertise your event, identify attendees, and instantly regulate entry. Without it, a person won’t be able to enter the event. It’s a security measure that instantly identifies a participant and his membership in a particular category (VIP, artist, backstage). Below are the benefits why should wear a custom wristband

  • Wristbands are more difficult to misplace, forget, or leave behind than ticket stubs.
VIP Access Tyvek Wristbands

One of the most typical problems that attendees of events frequently run into will always be connected to misplacing or losing their tickets. The vivid colors and sturdy rubber construction of wristbands make them both highly noticeable and long-lasting.

As a result, they are less likely to be stolen or damaged and cannot be used to gain entry to your event. The ability to wear wristbands eliminates the need for attendees to keep them in their wallets or handbags, thus lowering the possibility that they will be misplaced or forgotten.



  • Unlike ticket stubs, wristbands are simpler to inspect and validate.
Party Tyvek Wristbands

When you’re planning a high-volume event, checking tickets or identification can be taxing on your crew. Every time, they will not only need to scan tickets and check IDs against a database, but they will also need to concentrate on doing it fast and effectively.

A personalized bracelet used as the event ticket drastically reduces the amount of time it takes for attendees to be processed and validated for admittance. All that is required for them to gain in is to wear it and hold it up for your staff members to see. No more searching their wallets or handbags for a ticket and cross-referencing a database or master list.


  • Wristbands are more difficult to fake.
Tyvek Ticket Wristbands

 Tickets to your event, or any other event for that matter, can be readily counterfeited unless you invest in robust watermarking and other anti-counterfeiting technology. Custom wristbands are the solution in this case. There is a very low probability that any resourceful counterfeiter could copy it to the point where it could fool your verification personnel, provided that the design and print on them are exclusive to your event.






  • Wristbands give your event a new level of visual appeal.

    Organization Tyvek Wristbands

Wristbands are not only a superior alternative to tickets but they also provide your event an entirely new level of visual flair and style, which will undoubtedly improve the guests’ overall experience. They serve as a visual reminder that they have joined a community of people who share their interests when you ask attendees to wear them during the events, for instance.


  • Wristbands can be used to further advertise your company or brand.
Tyvek Wristbands

Wristbands can turn attendees at your events into potential customers by including a phone number or other means of contact on the wristband itself. Depending on how well your events go, they might also end up serving as walking billboards, they’ll keep the wristband on for days to come to keep the memories fresh. It’s undoubtedly a win-win circumstance.







Wristband’s Most Common Uses

Custom Wristbands

The personalized wristband has been around for many years and has been utilized for a variety of purposes. The Livestrong Foundation, which Lance Armstrong sponsored to raise cancer awareness, has been the most well-known of these and has primarily been used for fundraising events. Since its introduction as a yellow wristband in 2004 to promote cancer research, about 80 million of them have been sold.

This is merely an illustration of one of the most typical uses for the wristband, and over time, others have imitated it. These wristbands have become more popular among foundations and businesses to support fundraising campaigns. These wristbands were given as a token of appreciation to those who contributed to these causes.

Custom wristbands are not just utilized to raise awareness and trade shows. There are numerous other uses for them. Here are five different kinds of applications for these wristbands:

Marketing Tools

Custom Figured Wristbands

Many businesses have been using custom wristbands for marketing purposes for years; these are typically distributed during exclusive company events. These are frequently distributed to attendees at conferences, trade shows, festivals, and other similar events.

These bracelets typically feature both the companies name and its emblem. These occasionally include the companies slogans, logos in addition to a company’s name.






Wide Vinyl Wristbands

Entry Tags and Tickets

Many establishments have also used these as entry tags. The color of the silicone wristbands indicates which amenities and rides a person can enjoy without paying additional fees, and theme parks and recreation centers are most likely to employ these styles.

These silicon wristbands are also utilized for night clubs, concerts, festivals, and other events of a similar nature, serving as mementos of the occasion.





Printed Pink October Wristbands

As was already said, these are also utilized by charities and groups to collect money for a particular cause as well as awareness about a particular issue. The Livestrong case study mentioned previously was utilized to promote cancer research and raise support for it.

Numerous other people have taken a similar route and used custom wristbands to raise money for their causes. The silicone wristbands for various malignancies, such as the pink wristbands worn for breast cancer, the white ones for lung cancer, and the orange ones for leukemia, have been utilized by other charities and causes for awareness-raising and fundraising.






Custom Adjustable Silicone Wristbands

Political Wristbands

People have started wearing these wristbands to support particular candidates in politics recently. These can be handed out by campaign workers to help build promotion for their preferred candidate or handed out by supporters to assist motivate people to cast their ballots for the candidate they want to see in government.

These silicone wristbands are often manufactured in the candidate’s or the party’s colors and printed with the candidate’s name and the position they are running for.




Emergency ID

Printed Wristbands

Small children can become lost in school or crowded areas, and by wearing these other types of wristbands, someone who finds them will be able to contact you if they need to. For everyone who comes across an elderly person with Alzheimer’s or dementia to know who to contact in an emergency, these different types of rubber wristbands design can be utilized for them.









People have discovered additional methods to use this sturdy wristband in addition to these highly popular ones. The following are some further applications for silicon wristbands:

Wide Vinyl Wristbands

Identification of Your Suitcase

Who said that wristbands must only be worn on the wrist of a wearer? These wristbands can be personalized to serve the additional purpose of identifying a person’s luggage. The owner of the bag can write something on the band used for this and use cable ties or plastic zip ties to protect the band to the bag.







Ornamental Elements

Custom Woven Cloth Wristbands

Custom wristbands can also be worn as an accessory, and they can be customized with phrases, quotes, and other decorations that are original and humorous. These are available in a range of hues, widths, forms, sizes, patterns, and are tear-resistant. These may also contain numbers, symbols, and cartoon figures. There are multiple colors available on









End Note

These are only a few applications for these bands. Companies are using these tags in ever-increasing creative ways since they are durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting. These are employed in a variety of settings, including offices, special events, and schools. You can upload your designs, slogans, quotes, or even the company logo. We’ll turn your ideas into reality. Please get in touch with us or leave a message below with any customized requests. Order Now!

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