Customized Lip Balms


Custom Printed Lip Balms and Lip Balm Labels

Custom lip balms are great for wedding favors, business events, or just giveaways at an event.  Natural beeswax lip balms are great for you lips. With over 30 different lip balm flavors they enable you advertise any event with a splash. Bump up all your marketing campaigns with our Custom Lip Balms that could be used as year-round promotional items at birthday parties, trade fairs, weddings, bridal showers, hotels, ski resorts, and salons. With our reasonable low prices, the Custom Lip Balms will fit into your marketing budget for bulk orders to be used as giveaways and promotions. We offer Flavored Beeswax Lip Balms and Natural Beeswax Lip Balms in 30 different flavors that will ensure soft moisturized lips for everyone. Our Custom Lip Balms are compact and visible way to showcase your message as everyone will carry them in their purses and pockets. Add personalized logos, designs, contact information, and messages on the wraparound label that will be perfect for showing your guests and customers that you care! Our value driven Custom Lip Balms will have high impact on your promotional events, campaigns and trade shows as the much appreciated gifts throughout winter and summer seasons. Hence, increase maximum visibility and exposure with our Custom Lip Balms that will help prospective and current customers remember your brand name.

Our personalized SPF lip balms come in various designs, all of which can feature your corporate logo or images. Starting at the cheapest rates, you cannot just avoid including personalized chapsticks in your next event! These custom lip balms are excellent additions to any holiday gift basket. If you're in desperate need of some SPF lip balms for your chapped lips, go no further than our selection. The weather might be harsh on your skin at times, but with our custom lip balms, your lips will shine as they've never shined before.

Popular uses: Sunscreen lip balms with logo imprints are great promotional giveaways that clients love and will remind them of your company every time they use the product. Offer your clients a thoughtful gift of personalized sunscreen lip balms, which they will cherish for a very long time! The personalized lip balms are also perfect for winter use when they use them at ski resorts or other gatherings like picnics and sporting events. Stock up now and buy custom chapsticks in bulk! 

Most individuals remember to bring sunscreen when going to the beach, but they frequently forget to bring lip protection. Custom promotional SPF lip balms are a surefire hit during winter outdoor events. Whether hosting a golf tournament or a corporate party, your guests will enjoy receiving a personalized SPF lip balm to protect their lips from the sun while at your event and as a take-home souvenir. Custom SPF lip balm keeps lips smooth and moisturized, and it also protects them from the sun's damaging rays, preventing them from drying out and becoming scorched. 

How about taking your beauty line up a notch real quick? It is that easy to keep your customer's skin safe as well as win their loyalty! Give your customers a present of personalized sunscreen lip balms in one easy packaging for double protection! Personalized lip balms are an excellent complement to any promotional winter giveaway. Also, SPF 15 is included in our custom chapsticks to keep lips moisturized and protected. Our SPF lip balms are a must-have for every special event, including weddings, birthdays, corporate events, business trade shows, and beauty campaigns. 

For the perfect holiday bash, you can also create thoughtful goodie bags for your skincare-obsessed besties! Order our SPF lip balms in bulk, and keep your pockets safe and sound. You can personalize the custom chapsticks in any given flavor and matching colors to keep your loved ones lips' safe in a stylish approach. Winter holiday bells are just around the corner! As much as delightful as it gets with the sun shining bright like a diamond, our lips urge for the utmost care simultaneously! Consider including a custom Chapstick in your stockings while you're brainstorming a list of items to add. You may also give our personalized SPF lip balms to your friends and family who will be joining you for Thanksgiving. It'll be a pure pleasure since your lips will be thanking you all at the end of the day! 

For major corporations, giveaways are nothing new. A common marketing strategy is to organize freebies for consumers as a token of appreciation. Promotional Lip balms are a fantastic self-care product that you may include in your giveaway list. These custom lip balms will delight your consumers and serve as small billboards for prospective clients to see your brand. Logo lip balms work great as a first giveaway item since they are unisex and age-appropriate. Offer a wide range of styles and tastes in your inventory so that everyone and anyone can find something they enjoy and can utilize, and your business can reach a wider audience.

Design suggestions: To make the promotional event a success, you can get the promotional lip balms imprinted with your company's mottos and vision. Rather than picking out one single flavor for your custom chapsticks, you can add various flavors and mix them up in one large giveaway bowl! This way, each customer can pick out a custom lip balm of their own choice and instantly send back positive appraisals. Make sure to order your SPF lip balms in bulk because the more, the merrier! With more people now carrying these incredibly portable custom chapsticks, they work as walking billboards as well! Our custom Lip balms for wedding invitation bundles might help reflect your individuality. You can submit original artwork for us to put on the lip balms, or you can select from a variety of existing designs. We're here to help you thrive in any given scenario!

Product materials: Bees' wax is the main ingredient in our lip SPF balms. The base also includes Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), and aloe Vera Gel. The SPF lip balms include 8% uncoated zinc oxide for SPF protection. The Lip Balm Tube & Cap are manufactured with 100% BPA-Free Recyclable Plastic.