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Customizable Lapel Pins



Custom Lapel Pins for Everyone

For meeting the needs of your promotional awarding and rewarding events, our custom lapel pins make the best souvenir to honor your long-term staff, veterans, and employees. We have various collections of offset printed pins, custom hard enamel pins, custom soft enamel pins, and custom metal pins that will show that you care for and appreciate all the hard work they are putting in. Apart from making a positive impression on the rewarding ceremony among the audience, they will motivate recipients to proudly wear the jewelry quality lapel pins on their uniforms. At employee appreciation awarding ceremonies and product branding marketing events, personalized lapel pins will be the best souvenirs that people can take back home. Customize them with business logos, emblems, and insignias to turn them into keepsakes and providing long lasting recognition to honored recipients!

The government agencies, public organizations, businesses, and educational institutions can giveaway these honor badges to symbolize major accomplishments, achievements, or accomplishments. Made from metal mold being stamped, the pins are plated and polished with bronze, gold, nickel, and silver or printed with high quality precise laser technology make your emblems come to life! They can be attached to clothing, backpacks, bags, hats and caps as jewelry accessories that provide a timeless classic look as cool fashion wears.

Stock Lapel Pins with Themes and Designs suitable for All Events

Honor and give recognition to people by ordering from our collections of In-Stock Lapel Pins. We have 10 Years of Service Stock Lapel Pins, 5 Years of Service Stock Lapel Pins and Customer Service 1 Stock Lapel Pins for you to recognize the dedication and service of your long-term and deserving employees. Create autism awareness movement to raise funds for people suffering from autism-spectrum disorders with Autism Awareness Stock Lapel Pins. Similarly, our Cancer Awareness Stock Lapel Pins represent the pink ribbons to make a powerful statement or show support and encouragement for the patients. Show signs of patronage at national and public parades, rallies, and gathering with collection of our American Flag Stock Lapel Pins. For celebrating Independence Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Presidents’ Day, and Constitution Day, these cool patriotic pins will be huge hits. For displaying the state heritage and pride, you can order our Bald Eagle Stock Lapel Pins, Texas Flag Stock Lapel Pins, New York Apple Stock Lapel Pins, and Cali Bear Stock Lapel Pins. During the election season, draw attention of potential voters by distributing I Voted Stock Lapel Pins, Democratic Party Stock Lapel Pins, and Republican Party Stock Lapel Pins to exercise their voting rights at all levels of electoral campaigns.

For encouraging personal development and spreading good vibes for anyone, you can give our Best Version of You Stock Lapel Pins, Little Things Make Big Days Stock Lapel Pins, Good Vibes Only Stock Lapel Pins, Good Day Stock Lapel Pins, and Good Morning Stock Lapel Pins. Create memories for momentous accomplishments and weddings with Graduation Cap Stock Lapel Pins and Team Groom Stock Lapel Pins. Show support for sexual equality and diversity for LGBTQ community with our Love Is Love Pride Stock Lapel Pins. Promote preservation and conservation of environment with Go Green Stock Lapel Pins, Save the Ocean Stock Lapel Pins, and Save the Bees Stock Lapel Pins. Symbolize the medical profession and spread alertness on suicidal tendencies and HIV with Nursing Caduceus Stock Lapel Pins, Suicide Awareness Talk Stock Lapel Pins, and Stop HIV Stock Lapel Pins. For avid board gamers, Rolling Dice Stock Lapel Pins will be great mementos. Display your love for books and coffee wearing our Coffee Addict Stock Lapel Pins and Book Lover Stock Lapel Pins. As one-of-a-kind souvenir to pin collectors, gift them the Selfie Stock Lapel Pins and No Sleep Gang Stock Lapel Pins.