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Tyvek Wristbands are extremely durable, water-resistant, adjustable, and made from DuPont Tyvek Paper. Cannot be tampered, unattached, or re-used. An ideal for one-time events. Cloth & Neoprene Wristbands are durable for high-quality smooth satin finish that makes them stretch-resistant. Comfortable and extremely fashionable to wear on the wrist.


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One-time event wristbands with long lasting, water-resistant, and hard-wearing vinyl construction. Pre-cut holes fits different wrist sizes and the secured plastic snap closure prevents tampering and reapplication.



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Vibrantly displays custom messages with their sleek, colorful, and comprehensive look. Long lasting, stretchable, water-resistant, and produced from medical grade silicone.


Our custom Tyvek print on wristbands are the perfect option for any upcoming ticketed events. Send them out ahead of time or place them on people's wrists when they arrive at the event, and you are good to go. These custom Tyvek wristbands may be imprinted with any brand logo or tagline and purchased in bulk. Custom Tyvek wristbands are a popular item to organize crowds and group people. These wristbands are highly recommended for large-scale events since they are the simplest but most effective method of identifying attendees. Custom Tyvek wristbands are tough and durable, but they're also completely safe and easy to remove once the event is over.

At large and small scale event venues, our economical and low priced Custom Tyvek Wristbands will decrease the risk of counterfeit access passes. These printable wristbands for events provide high visibility and recognition in a wide variety of colors and patterns to prevent gate crashers. Our full color printing on White Tyvek Wristbands and black printing on Colored Tyvek Wristbands will turn them into great souvenirs and promotional tools for outdoor events. Our printable Tyvek wristbands are made from high quality DuPont Tyvek Paper that prevents them from water damages, stretches, and tears. They are highly popular for theme parks, concerts, campaigns, festivals, bars, casinos, picnics, breweries, and summer camps etc. For short term applications, they provide the maximum security with their security slits and adhesive closures. You can incorporate custom messages, logos, bar codes, numbers, and unique designs to prevent unauthorized access at your event venue. Significantly increasing the security with consecutive numbers, the Tyvek Wristbands will ensure that your visitors can have systematic access. Since, these wristbands can only be used once and cannot be reapplied after removal; they prevent tampering, copying, and misusing admissions at access gates.

Popular uses: For starters, the custom Tyvek wristbands can be of great use at festivals or concerts where security personnel should identify those with VIP permits and backstage access. People who purchase such tickets will receive custom festival wristbands in a different color from the rest. Because the plastic wristbands for events can't be tampered with and show if you try to remove them, they're safe and shield event organizers from fraud. Our custom event wristbands might also be the perfect item to use for authorizing VIP customers and identifying people who can purchase amendments without having to pay right away. These Custom festival wristbands will reduce the risk of counterfeit entry passes at major and small-scale size event venues. To deter gate crashers, these printable wristbands for events also provide high visibility and recognition. If you're planning a private event at a multipurpose hall, our custom fabric wristbands might be just what you need! Make sure your crowd stands out by printing your event's catchphrase or name on the wristbands. Get our custom Tyvek wristbands imprinted in a range of colors and designs to add to the excitement of the occasion. 

By imprinting your firm's logo or phrase on the custom event wristbands, you can boost brand recognition. The custom event wristbands imprinted with a message or a logo are a great promotional tool for product advertisements. People will wear the custom Tyvek wristband and do the marketing on your behalf, making it a covert approach to showcase your business. Organizing kids for a school excursion may appear to be a lot of hard work. Custom plastic wristbands can be highly beneficial, as wearing bracelets makes them simple to spot in a crowd. 

The printed wristbands can even have the teacher's phone number so that if a child gets lost, they can present it to an adult who will contact the instructor. Our Tyvek wristbands are tear, stretch, and water-resistant, making them ideal for different applications. They're also available in a range of bright, easily identifiable colors. 

For a large group of people traveling together, using custom paper wristbands as luggage tags could be a great way to identify everyone's bags immediately. Having terrible weather and party crashers at your event are two of every event planner's worst nightmares. You'll never have to worry about a guest taking their wristband outdoors and giving it to a buddy. Our custom Tyvek wristbands are lightweight, waterproof, and tamper-proof. Are you battling for a seat on the student council? We've got you covered, don't worry! Instead of stickers or buttons, use our custom cloth event wristbands to encourage others to express their support and vote for you!

Design suggestions: Custom Tyvek wristbands are frequently used in campaigns to raise awareness. In such circumstances, the color is essential because it has a significance of its own. Custom print a coupon for your brand on a wristband if you're supporting an event or just searching for a unique way to advertise! You can easily print "Bring This Wristband in for 10% Off!" on the wristband. It is also a fantastic concept for restaurants, breweries, and anything else purchasable through discounts. 

Order our custom paper wristbands and hand them out to your customers for a highly approachable marketing measure. Our full-color printing on White Tyvek Wristbands and black printing on Colored Tyvek Wristbands make them fantastic keepsakes and promotional tools for outdoor events. With their security slots and adhesive closures, they provide optimal security for short-term applications.

Product materials: Tyvek (also known as Paper) and vinyl are ideal materials for admissions, crowd control, and ticketing. Furthermore, all of our Tyvek and vinyl wristbands are made in the United States. Therefore, we have the production capacity to match your needs, whether you require 100 custom printed bands for a small private event or 500,000 bands for a major convention. Our Tyvek wristbands are printed on high-quality DuPont Tyvek Paper, protecting them against water, strains, and tears.