Customized Flags


Custom flags are generally used for promotional purposes, as marketing devices, to display personal beliefs, raise awareness, or show support to specific causes. Our collection of custom flags cheap has varieties in style and size for your benefit. You could want a flag to support your varsity soccer team or your favorite international team. Your organization might organize an awareness run so that you will need some personalized flags for the event. Your company may arrange a tradeshow exhibition, or your tour agency may announce discounts on tour fares, in which case our custom-made flags will come in handy.

Popular Uses: Sports teams have a large fan following that go all out during matches, whether it be school teams or global teams. You can personalize flags, both front and back, with the teams' logos or colors. You can also use the custom flags during nationwide phenomena such as Olympics, election season and national holidays.

Speaking of a nationwide phenomenon, Gay Pride has been quite a remarkable spectacle to witness for some time now. People and supporters of LGBTQ communities come out in high fashion attire and makeup to fully embrace and portray their true selves out for everyone. Organizes put on big and elaborate parades to roam the streets displaying all rainbow colors in personalized flags.

Moving on to the car flags in our assortment of flags, you can use them for similar reasons as mentioned earlier; the only difference being these are small in size and are meant to be hoisted on vehicles.

Most utilize rectangle flags for tradeshow exhibitions hosted by companies for branding purposes. In these tradeshows, the flags work as marketing tools and banners and the marketing representatives to scout out future business ventures with prospective clients.

We also have feather flags that are good advertisement options for airports, hotels and tour agencies. The custom feather flags are ideal for these institutions as the flags work as effectively as banners for marketing.

Lastly, let's not forget about awareness campaigns and runs that are organized by many non-profit associations. These operations' primary purposes are to spread mindfulness regarding specific health or social issues and get people involved through participation or monetary support.

Our teardrop flags can be the perfect tools to use during such events to display your cause out to the public.

Design Suggestions: All of our custom flags are of three varying sizes. For regular flags mostly used for school teams, the usual standard size would be best if you need to hoist up the field's flag. Be sure to choose a good quality picture of your institution's logo and slogan for the flag printing process. While you are in the stadium, cheering on your favorite international team, you should get the sizeable regular flag; it will catch the players' attention and keep them motivated during plays. Selecting a clear rainbow flag image for your Pride month will be keeping it minimum and straightforward. For optimum flamboyancy, you should upload beautiful LGBTQ artworks to be printed on and choose the size according to your needs. You can use car flags for several purposes. For example, they can be personalized for wedding purposes, displaying the groom's men and bridesmaids' vehicles. They can also show "just married" texts on the happy couple's car. You may also choose to print prom party artworks with these car flags. Our feather banners, rectangle flags and teardrop flags are of small, medium and large sizes. Think about how your event is being arranged and use the flags accordingly. The small ones are ideal for indoor use and can be placed at certain positions to attract attention. The medium-sized ones are for entrances, and the large-sized ones are to be placed just outside the premises. These two will work as initial marketing tools to bring attention and gather future clients, patrons, participants, donors, and customers. Keep in mind that the text size is proportional to the flag size, and the font is easy on the eyes. The message should pop as vividly as possible, so choose the right contrasting colors for the text and background.

Product Materials:

You can choose to get both sides printed. We manufacture the flags with genuine polyester fabric, and we commence custom flag printing through the sublimation process, so the prints will be hard to fade away. If you purchase the feather flag, the teardrop flag, or the rectangle flag, you will also have the option to get a 17ft fiberglass pole. The car flag has the same option with a 19" plastic pole, and it is intended for city driving only. The regular flags offer various finishing options, and the rest of the flags have a lot of attachments and bases for you to choose from for a small additional fee.