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Custom Printed Coasters and Pulp Board Coasters

Custom coasters are very versatile. You can give custom coasters out to people at marketing campaigns. Our custom printed coasters are also perfect as fundraising items for many charity campaigns. Public events that have mass participation need to have souvenirs to give away, and our coasters can be one of the tokens of appreciation. Custom bar coasters are essential for all new restaurants and bars. It may not seem crucial but, you could also need personalized coasters for holiday parties, birthdays, and weddings. Or you can customize coasters for your friends and family for presents.

Popular Uses: To help those in need, many charity organizations hold fundraisers to get donations. The fundraising souvenir items are often clothing, tote bags, pin buttons, water bottles, and other custom things. In addition, you can order personalized coasters online to give out to donors as souvenirs as they have contributed to a good cause.

Marketing and trade exhibitions are all about networking, interacting with potential future business prospects, and advertising the latest product of the season. Sponsors back up the entire event, and their brand names stay on every single banner and flag in the venue. Brand ambassadors and company employees give out promotional items during the whole event. Custom coasters can work as tiny billboards for the sponsors of the event.

Awareness runs or walks are held to raise awareness for social or health issues. These events depend on public participation and media coverage. People participate for a good cause, and it is social etiquette to reward them for their good deeds. The organization that put the event together needs to provide them with proper protection from the sun and dust, put up refreshment stops and give them some tokens of appreciation. Our custom paper coasters can help with the latter.

Opening restaurants and bars require a lot of money to be invested in many things – dinnerware, drinkware, cutlery, furniture, decorations, and, of course, food and drinks. If you want to take the marketing aspect of your enterprise to the next level, invest in bulk coasters as well. Serving drinks with these custom coasters will help keep your tables free of water rings. Some of our coasters have bottle openers, which can be pretty helpful to open up cold beverages. The coasters will act as mini billboards for your new bar or restaurant if you customize them right.

You might have splurged on expensive drinkware and dinnerware for special family gatherings. There are also alternate choices in plates and cups in your household for informal parties with friends. Our collection of coasters has designs for both formal and informal gatherings. Get custom drink coasters for NYE shindigs and Halloween parties with your friends to avoid unnecessary liquid circles. We also have designs for coasters for Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving feasts with the family. Speaking of Christmas, our custom photo coasters make for great stocking presents.

Design Suggestions: Fundraising coasters should have the organization’s name and logo on them. You could include some custom artwork or text relevant to the company. If you want our coasters to work as small billboards, make sure to make the sponsor company’s name and logo in apparent size and font.

The souvenir coasters for awareness runs should have the organizer’s name and brand on it and a gratuity message towards the participants. Our 4inch silicone coasters could be suitable options.

To customize restaurant or bar coasters, you need to keep the theme and interior design of the place in mind. Vintage, minimalistic, pop fiction – whichever setting you choose, you should create custom artworks accordingly. You could also include a little background story of the type of restaurant or bar you have opened. Our coasters with bottle openers are perfect for restaurants and bars.

We have many pre-designed templates for holiday custom coasters, so you can browse through the collection to see if anything suits your choices. You can also get the whole experience by designing the coasters yourself. For New Year’s Eve, use the colors black, red, and blue for the base of the coasters. Green, orange, purple and black are classic Halloween colors, so incorporate them when customizing the coasters. Christmas coasters should have red and green colors along with custom clip-arts of Santa and fig trees. Thanksgiving coasters can have custom turkey artworks.

Product Materials:  The collection of custom coasters features a variance in materials and sizes. Based on which coaster you pick, they are made of pulpboard, paper, or wood. All the customization is imprinted on the coasters.