Customizable Styrofoam Cups



When it comes to disposable drinkware, plastic cups are anything but eco-friendly, and paper cups are quite flimsy. On the other hand, Foam Cups are tough and made of environment-friendly materials. Cafés and restaurants can use our custom Foam Cups to serve soft drinks, coffee or hot chocolate. Our custom foam cups are perfect for you to hand out refreshments to the participants of your awareness events. In the chance that you are going to host a large party, you might want to bulk order our personalized Foam Cups to serve beverages out to your guests.

Popular Uses: If your restaurant or café serves drinks, hot or cold, in mugs or glasses – it is time for you to bring a change in your business' drinkware. After everything started to open when cities started lifting lockdowns, people had to think of ways to adapt to the "new normal" while following health guidelines. And as per those guidelines, it is essential to use disposable drinks in restaurants and café. Instead of investing in fragile paper cups and non-degradable plastic cups, buy custom Foam Cups online from our website. Your customers will be able to enjoy their beverages without having to worry about cold or hot burns.

Large, casual parties typically include loud music, funky decorations and never-ending beverages. Depending on the party's occasion, you will have to make arrangements for your guests' food and drinks. Keeping in mind that you are throwing a casual party, you do not have to whip out your formal dinnerware and drinkware to impress your boss or partner's parents. That is why you should consider getting one-time-use plates and drinks for your guests. Our foam cups are perfect in this case as they are quite sturdy, will allow your guests to hold their drinks comfortably, and you do not need to clean afterward as the cups are disposable.

If you work in an organization and think about doing something good for your community, you can arrange a health campaign of sorts. Innumerable people die every day because of some disease or improper health care. People must be more aware of how important it is to take better care of their health. Since this particular event attracts different media and people hear about it pretty soon, you should organize yourself. Our personalized foam cups will make useful additions to all the preparations for your awareness event.

Design Suggestions: Even if the only available base color in our collection of custom foam cups is white, we have many imprint colors available. Select your pick from browsing our custom Foam Cups assortment for your restaurant or café. Afterward, input an original design that includes the name and logo of the place and the slogan. This way, you can promote your business through the foam cups. Also, we have Foam Cups with lids in which you serve iced teas or cold coffees. You could add some feel-good texts on the side of these Foam Cups to impress your customers.

If you have fixed a color theme for the décor, guest outfits and dinnerware, you can match those colors on your drinkware as well. Our custom Foam Cups have a diverse range of imprint colors you can choose from. You could upload texts like "Cheers!", "Drink Up!" and "Bottom's Up!" along with custom artwork of beer cans or champagne bottles to be imprinted on the personalized Foam Cups. We have foam cups with lids that you can buy to avoid any spillage and reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do later.

The sole purpose of awareness events is to get the word around as fast and effectively as possible. Media coverage helps a lot in that aspect, but you need to get other types of marketing devices. Banners and flags work great for promotional purposes and in getting people encouraged to participate. However, it would help if you still had something for them to go through the end, and our personalized foam cups can help do exactly that. Input some inspirational messages along with your organization's name and logo so that the participants get revitalized when they drink from your cups.

Product Materials: Made from high-quality Styrofoam, all of our custom Foam Cups have excellent insulation properties, so it does not matter if you order hot drinks or cold drinks. Your hands will be protected by the padding of the custom foam cups. We offer sizes from 8 oz. to 32 oz in all our cups, and all customization is done through the screen-printing method. That allows your customizations to shine through vividly and clearly.