Blank Sublimation Products


DIY enthusiasts are always looking for new projects to work on; they like to incorporate their items into it and even make custom gifts for their loved ones instead of buying ready-made products. The number of DIY lovers has increased over the past years with the rise of at-home pins and easy hacks. With the help of social media, people have started to pick new hobbies, create their version of it and share it with the rest of the world. Many have taken to the idea of custom-making daily artifacts to express their individuality. Also, people love receiving personalized gifts as it displays the thought and effort the other person has put into the present. If you start a DIY online shop, own a general wholesale market or need office gear, our collection of sublimation blanks is where you should start. To browse our assortment, search for sublimation blanks near me and start perusing. Our sublimation products range from drinkware to protective gear.

Popular Uses: 2020 brought an era of a new normal consisting of heightened personal hygiene, social distancing and a rise of PPEs. Even if people do not need to wear a uniform to their specific workplace, face masks have become mandatory in everyone’s outfit. Companies are making disposable face masks as fast as people are throwing them away. Instead of littering mindlessly, opting for fabric face masks is much better. These masks can be customized to match your customers’ daily outfits and vibe, all the while keeping their safety in check. We have various face masks in our collection of sublimation blanks, and you can order in bulk for your blank product needs.

In the 24 hours of an entire day, if one spends most of it in your computer for work purposes, they will need to set up their PC for maximum functionality. Be it playing games or handling multiple websites; people require the right customization and components to serve their purpose. Besides the monitor and keyboard, the mouse is the most used part of a PC setup. One needs to get a mousepad of good build and design to navigate the mouse around for consistent periods. Our myriad of sublimation blanks wholesale has a bunch of mousepads that your small business can offer to its customers.

We also carry sublimation mugs blanks and sublimation tumbler blanks to market to all beverage lovers. People are continually coming up with new tea and coffee recipes – not to mention the rise of midnight snack recipes that one can whip up in a mug. Customized mugs, if done right, can add to the overall vibe of the drink. On the other hand, if someone is out camping with friends, out on the run or completing sets in their gym, they will need to carry a tumbler to hold their refreshments. So, they might be on the hunt of searching for tumblers that they can use on different occasions. Also, personalized mugs and tumblers make great gifts to all the loved ones who enjoy hot and cold drinks – whether they are stationary or on the move. Our sublimation mugs and sublimation tumblers are ready to be deployed; you need to bulk order, get to designing them and put them up in your store for your customers.

Among our variant sublimation supplies, we also have accessories for drinkware. People might already have mugs and tumblers suited for all of their intents and purposes, but they still need some add-ons. To keep hot drinks warm and chilled drinks cold for long periods, they need can sleeves, coolies and koozies. There are plenty of ready-made ones available in the market, but it is better to get blank koozies and coolies that you can custom-make along to the aesthetic of the drinkware for your customers. Our unsewn sublimation can coolers are available in different sizes.

Design Suggestions: Please note: all of our sublimation blanks are blank and come at wholesale cases and prices. We want our customers, who own businesses or companies, to receive a completely blank canvas to personalize the products for their customers. For those who would still like some suggestions, themes are an excellent place to start. The sublimation face masks are washable and reusable once printed. Whether your customers like games or your employees are married to your work, personalize your sublimation mousepads accordingly.

Product Materials: Made of different percentages of polyester, thermoplastic polyester and cotton, our sublimation face masks are available in different designs. The listed mousepads are available in various sizes and shapes, and we manufacture them with high-quality neoprene. Moving on to our tumblers and mugs available in 20 oz and 11 oz, respectively, they are manufactured of durable stainless steel and ceramic consecutively. All our koozies, coolies and can sleeves are made of polyurethane foam.