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Order custom badge reels for your company, or as a trade show giveaway.  Badge reels are a great way to promote your brand.  Custom Badge holders are great to protect your ID from the elements.  Badge holders can compliment the custom badge reels with your own logo or message.

Make access secured for your patrons, visitors, guests, employees, and members by handing out Custom Badge Reels and Badge Holders! Everyone can display credentials, tickets, name tags, membership access cards, and season passes in our customizable ID card badge holders. You can design your own badge holders with your company logo and information to keep the personal identification perceptible for checking by authorized access system or personnel. We also have personalized photo badge reels that could work as promotional billboards at your event venue with your imprinted graphics and designs. For security checks and clearances, our monogrammed badge reels with your company logos, names, and taglines will make IDS easily accessible for scanning at entrance gates. Identification of authorized members, volunteers, customers, and employees will be easy at educational institutions, offices, tradeshows, conferences, festivals, warehouses, and hospitals. Our collections of Custom Badge Reels and Badge Holders in varied colors, sizes, and designs will complement to event theme and have positive promotional impact. Everyone will have their IDs securely attached to clothing as they swipe cards for access.