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Custom hand fans are a wonderful tool for keeping your logo in front of your audience while keeping them cool! They are used often for outdoor events but are becoming increasingly popular at indoor sports events and other gatherings. Many of our customers even use hand fans for weddings and reunions. Create a fun design or choose to print something more practical like a program schedule or location information. Or take advantage of both by printing on both sides! Choose from one of our popular shapes or create a custom shape. All of our hand fans are printed in the U.S. using state-of-the-art, digital offset printers that produce striking, glossy, and colorful prints. 

Remind your customers and guests of how thoughtful you are and giveaway our Custom Hand Fans to beat the outside summer heat and keep everyone cool on special occasions. Increase your brand awareness with a breezy message by their own definitions at outdoor promotional campaigns and giveaways at sports events and pep rallies. Help cool your guests in the warm outdoor weather during ceremonies with our personalized hand fans for weddings or personalized hand fans for graduation. Keep your design ideas in the crowd’s line of the site and promote your message at concerts, church events, and ball games bringing more energy to the audience. With our low-priced cheap hand fans, exhibit your commemorative, patriotic, and promotional messages in a refreshing breeze. Imprint religious scenes, song lyrics, and bible verses on the custom church fans to giveaway among church members so that they can take them home as keepsakes. Add a decorative touch on our Custom Hand Fans to gain attention and spread your message to a crowd at tradeshows, packed auditoriums, parades, and fundraiser community events.

As much as people love the summer to be able to go on vacations, wear cute outfits and generally be outside more, there is one thing that everyone hates about it: the overwhelming heat. The sun is particularly relentless this season and will not care if you have to organize an awareness campaign or a corporate event. If you have to attend your sibling’s wedding or your son’s football game, the sun will follow you and make you sweat. Since you cannot go one-on-one with the sun, you could at least gear up. Water bottles and custom hand fans are essentials during the summer.

Popular Uses: Organizers hold many awareness campaigns and tradeshow exhibitions during this season. Mainly because there are no rain showers or snow blizzards to ruin the event you organized tirelessly and more people can attend or participate. These events run purely on public engagement, and the marketing team is required to brainstorm ideas for maximizing the promotional value. Banners and flags take care of big-scale marketing, but you will need something to get the word around personally. Our custom hand fans are great as promotional giveaway items and would be perfect for events such as charity fundraisers and tradeshows. You could order hand fans bulk from our website.

Summers usually mean a large-scale sports phenomenon is taking over locally, nationally, and globally. So be prepared for games ranging from little league matches to football games with snacks, jerseys, flags or posters, water bottles, and most importantly, personalized hand fans. The open field may give you a clear view of the match, but it will do nothing to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Henceforth, all this gear and custom hand fans are essential in this weather.

You popped the question, and your partner said yes; now, lets’ get down to business. Naturally, you would want the families of both sides and all your close friends to be present at the wedding. So more people can RSVP “yes,” the options for floral décor are vaster, color-coordinating everything is trouble-free, and the weather usually agrees with everyone’s plans. But the sun can decide to be excruciatingly lovely and shine a little too brightly, causing everyone to sweat in their suits and melt their makeup. That is why you should send everyone personalized wedding hand fans in their invitation packages. They can use the wedding fans to get some relief from the heat.

Design Suggestions: Arranging corporate events and awareness campaigns are no joke as there are many things to plan. Getting public engagement is quite hard as you will need to come up with ideas for attracting media, business clients, potential sponsors, and so on. All of this calls for preparation, getting everything on time, and setting it all up. However, we can take one thing and make it a lot less troubling; you can design hand fans online, have them shipped within two days, and be ready to go. For design, you can choose whichever shape goes with the event and print your brand information on the fans.

We have many shapes and sizes available in our custom hand fans collection. When you are out in the sun cheering your team on, you will end up tiring yourself sooner or later. Our collection features helmet custom Hand fans and Number 1 custom fans that you can wave around to support your team while you rest your vocal cords. You can use the fans to air yourself as well. Upload a photo of your favorite player, or add a cheering message to support the team. “Go Team!”, “Nothing But Goals!” and “We Love You!” are some motivating messages that you can print on your personalized hand fans.

Now, let us dive into weddings; to be more specific, wedding hand fans. It has become quite an essential item for summer weddings. The day may be about you and your partner, but there will be family and friends up there with you two. If you decide on an outdoor venue that most summer weddings tend to have, you need to make sure that your guests are doing well outside for that long. So, be sure to include wedding fans for guests in the list of things to be added to the invitation packages. Our collection has some classic wedding fan shapes and heart shapes, and leaf shapes that are quite wedding appropriate. Of course, you could opt to go the easy route and have both of your initials on the fans in gold against a white background.

Product Materials: Customization on the personalized hand fans are done by digital offset printing. Our hand fans are all made from 16 PT-coated board stock. You can easily create your own hand fans from our website.