Lip Balm

During summer and winter, the weather may not always be favorable to keep lips soft and moisturized. So, protect them from being chapped with custom organic lip balms ready to spread the word out about your brand, they will show recipients that you care.

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While traveling outside, our skin becomes extensively vulnerable to UV damage and lips being the sensitive part of your face, they are more prone to sunburn. To create branding opportunities at health seminars and wellness programs, you can distribute bulk lip balms to connect with brand associates and clients. Filled with enriched ingredients, our custom organic lip balms will emphasize on the fact that lips require care like the rest of the face. We have several assortments of personalized lip balm accessories from lip balm tubes; lip balm slider tins, clip balms, lip balm cases, and mini can lip balms to introduce recipients to your beauty rule book. Therefore, protect super thin lip skin with our refreshing subtle flavors that will remind anyone of your brand when they use your custom lip balms. Have fast relief by providing chapped lips the best treatment with these balms that will keep the lips hydrated, soft, and nourished. Filled and blended with the enriched oils and vitamins, they will prevent you from discomfort of dried and chapped lips by retaining smoothness. As perfect promotional beauty products, they will be the recipes for your recipients’ care. The lip balms will be carried in pockets and purses to create exposure as mini billboards.