Disposable Gloves

In workplaces such as operation rooms, laboratories, and industrial settings, our medical gloves will protect staff from being exposed to germs. Their applications may range from medical care, food processing, sanitation, to manufacturing industries.

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The purpose of the use of disposable gloves varies from one setting to another. Providing personal protection from biohazards, body fluids, and chemical splashes are the main task of protective gloves. To ensure that there is less chance of contamination when working, you can order from our assortment of medical gloves which includes nitrile exam gloves and disposable vinyl gloves. Our vinyl gloves are waterproof and low chemical resistant that will provide protection against microorganisms and chemicals. In most cases, you are to use our blue vinyl gloves and then dispose them after single use. When caring for older people, wearing disposable protective gloves will protect their health and prevent spread of germs. Especially, when you need to touch body fluids, such as blood, urine, stool, and saliva, it is better to wear medical gloves for protection. Doctors wear disposable gloves when operating and touching areas near an incision to prevent germs from contacting. For giving shots and putting medicines on skin, you can also use our protective gloves. When you wear gloves, keep your hands clean and sanitized. Decrease chance of contamination by wearing durable protective gloves when working in a risky environment. Give them to the employees for rigorous application when they are handling chemicals or machineries.