Protective Eyewear

Maintaining visibility and giving eyes protection simultaneously, our protection goggles and medical face shields can be worn along with other personal protective equipment. In order to protect physicians and technicians, their roles cannot be denied.

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Tasks requiring operating machineries at industries or chemicals at laboratory settings are going to need protective eyewear for technicians and researchers. We have iProtect safety glasses with anti-fog lens and dust protection bike goggles that can be used for numerous purposes. In settings, where hazardous chemicals, pollutants, smoke fumes, and harmful particles containing flying debris may hit the workers and bystanders, you need to put on safety glasses for protection. The projectiles may fly to hit the eyes unexpectedly causing accidental eye injuries. For safety from radiation and harmful beams, our full length face shields and protection goggles can be used. Our medical face shields with safety glasses can be worn as part of the overall personal protective equipment. The patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, technicians, researchers, and cycling enthusiasts can use dust-proof safety glasses to avoid dust, debris, and splashes from causing harm to the eyes. In order to do lab works, machining, woodworking, and patient treatment activities, reusable face shields and safety glasses will keep airborne particles, dust, and debris from fogging and damaging your eyes. To avoid contamination and infection, protection glasses can be worn with medical gowns and reusable face shields to treat patients during viral disease outbreaks. Ensuring safeguard and minimizing risks of eye hazards, protection goggles are going to keep your eyes free from harm. For occupational safety and shielding your eyes from the sunburn, fogging, chemical splash, and glare, protection goggles should be used.