Social Distancing Supplies

In commercial and public places, people need to promote social distancing as precaution. Get social distancing products such as social distancing floor mat signs, social distancing buttons and social distancing floor graphics to display safety guidelines.

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Stay compliant with occupational safety regulations and promote social distancing in high traffic areas with our social distancing products. In shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing units, grocery, and retail stores, place clear signage like social distancing floor graphics and social distancing mats to assist customers and employees maintain safe distance. These highly visible custom decal stickers and social distancing mats will make communication easier while avoiding close proximities to minimize health risks. Design social distancing buttons that the team of staff can wear to alert customers on the floor as they shop. When social distancing cannot be maintained in enclosed spaces, then provide people with social distancing products so that they wear face masks and social distancing themed pinback buttons. For the long haul, promote social distancing and post signage or stickers to encourage everyone to keep at least 6 feet apart to avoid contamination. As for our social distancing masks, they will help contain droplets that are spread by others when they cough or sneeze. Positioning social distancing floor graphics, sneeze guards, and social distancing floor mat signs will help crown control people as they maintain queues. For indoor and outdoor floors and pavements, use custom vinyl stickers to implement on-site safety policies for shoppers and staff to follow. For minimizing access to restricted or potentially contaminated spaces, use custom logo stickers and social distancing mats. Get social distancing pins and custom bumper stickers ordered to alert patients, clients, staff, and visitors when they enter the premises and elevators to recommend necessary spacing.