Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Wipes

Promote your brand, business, and organization by imprinting your advertisements in our instant hand sanitizer gel packets. For health precautions, order antibacterial hand wipes from us to keep your hands and surfaces clean at home and work place.

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When running errands or traveling outdoors, keep our hand sanitizer single use packets, express sanitizer kits, and disinfectant wipes to stay germ free. If you need antibacterial wipes bulk quantities, then go for our antibacterial wipes bucket. Containing disinfectant ingredients, these sanitizing essentials can be used repeatedly to prevent health hazards. It is important that we take precautionary measures to keep us and others safe by constantly cleaning our hands. In cases, when there is no soap and water available, you can instantly use our antibacterial hand sanitizer gel packets and antibacterial wet wipes. Choose from our assortments of antibacterial wet wipes, moist towelette hand sanitizer wipes, instant hand sanitizer gel packets, wellness safety kits, and express first aid kits with sanitizers to best suit your cleaning needs. As ideal alternative to water and soap when you are hiking or camping outdoors, our hand sanitizer single use packets will prevent illness. Moreover, you can have our instant hand sanitizer gel packets and express sanitizer kits printed with your brand logos and slogans for promotion. In health seminars and awareness programs, our imprinted antibacterial hand sanitizer gel packets and mini first aid kits will be huge hits as giveaways. Furthermore, people will appreciate receiving your wellness essentials!