Hand Sanitizers

As positive marketing tools, mini hand sanitizer bottles will show your customers that you care for their wellbeing. While keeping the bacteria and germs off from recipients’ hands, they will create exposure of your brand name being popular giveaways.

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As handy promos, hand sanitizer gifts makes great giveaways at health seminars, hotels, hospitals, safety fairs, and community events. In this germ-filled world, your custom mini hand sanitizer bottles will create a lasting impression on customers, employees, guests, and patrons. Besides, mini hand sanitizer bottles can be conveniently carried in pockets, bags, purses, and backpacks. So, customize your own beaded hand sanitizer sprays to send in a germ-free message to prospective clients as these germ-busting kits keeps cold away! For traveling or spending time in crowded places, these hand sanitizer gifts will prove worth of value! Protect your recipients and help them defend themselves against germs or bugs with promotional hand sanitizers. Choose from our hand sanitizer spray, antibacterial gel, and sanitizer wipes that resonates with your brand theme. By showing customers that you care about their health, put a positive impression on your brand. Customize them with your brand logos, promotional messages, and contact details to turn them to promotional products. Preventing the spread of germs and infection, they will defend against diseases. Perfect for daily usage and whenever needed, they are supplementary tools of cleanliness.


While Hand Sanitizers provide many important health benefits to prevent the spread of germs and harmful bacteria, they are considered to be flammable substances due to the amount of alcohol contained in the products. Therefore, they can only be shipped with Ground or Standard services. Express shipping services may not be available for Hand Sanitizer Products.