Safety Face Shields

Generally used by healthcare personnel, disposable full face shields protect wearers from projectiles, contaminants, body fluids, and airborne pathogens. When anyone accidentally sneezes or coughs in front of you, safety face shields will protect you.

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Putting on disposable face shields becomes effective when they are worn in conjunction with masks and safety goggles. When operating or traveling through contaminated areas, wearing anti fog face shields will protect you from contaminants or fluids. We have wide assortment of these items available as protective disposable full face shields, fog resistant face shields, plastic face shields, full coverage safety eyewear face shields with glasses frame, kids protective face shields, full color adult and youth face shields, reusable face shields with adjustable headbands, USA made safety face shields with forehead pads, and deluxe wellness safety kits. Choose from among them that best fits your professional and personal needs. Protecting your face from the forehead to chin, full length face shields are going to reduce transmission of germs and toxic substances. However, the wearer should always wash their hands when they put on and remove the reusable face shields. Besides, they should only be used for once and disposed of quickly after the day’s use. Invisible to the eye, thousands of aerosol droplets containing germs can be prevented by wearing our full length face shields. Specially, people who need to communicate in close contact with others should use disposable protective face shields to prevent transmission of pathogens.