Custom Flying Discs & Custom Frisbees

Custom flying disks are a fun promotional product that your customers are sure to love! Have them see your logo every time they go out for a game of ultimate frisbee or design a personalized flyer for yourself. With no minimum order requirements, frisbees make wonderful gifts for kids and adults alike. They are also great for outdoor events and serve as memorable tokens for your guests. Many of our customers even use them as promotional giveaway items at festivals and conventions. Need your frisbees fast? We offer production times as low as 24 hours. Choose from a variety of styles and colors. Although you won’t find a trapezoidal frisbee that actually flies, you will find translucent disks, neon ones, and dozens of solid colors. All of our fristbees are printed in the U.S. using only environmentally friendly inks. 

Custom Frisbees are a fun and practical giveaway item. They are great because they can be customized with your company logo or event date and they are great for flying Fetch! You can also use them in your next game of ultimate frisbee.

Custom Frisbees are a great giveaway item. Flying discs are available in many different styles, but they can be customized to fit your brand. Add your logo to the frisbee and order custom printed promo discs that promote your business. When you take control of the marketing for your company, you will start seeing an increase in profits.

Flying Discs have been a popular promo item for years. Everyone at your next event will love getting your custom discs. They are easy to throw and catch, even for kids. They also travel really fast so you get more distance out of each throw.