Flying Discs

Sending promotional and awareness messages will be easier than the breeze with custom flying discs in everyone’s hands as they unwind and relax outdoors. Taking your brand to new heights, promotional Frisbees will be fun giveaways for people of all ages

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Hand out personalized Frisbee party favors to loved ones, customers, and patrons to have recipients create exposure for your brand through these miniature billboards. Order from assortments of cool flying discs in mini, regular, translucent, dog safe, and nylon folding flyers that comes in neon, transparent, and solid colors. Customize them with brand logos and catchy messages to turn them into powerful advertising mediums. At your marketing campaigns, corporate picnics, family get-togethers, dog race competitions, and community excursions, custom dog Frisbees and custom flying discs will be huge hits. With a variation of vibrant colors, our promotional Frisbees will put your brand, causes, and events on the spotlight. Besides, they will engage your audience and get them into good exercises when they play and work on their team-building skills. Therefore, share your messages with the audience as they enjoy their time on the beach, picnic spots, parks, and garden in summer sunny days! Popular among both adult and kids, they will encourage all to become active.