Customizable Shipping Supplies


Running a business can be challenging; getting the orders ready, making sure employees handle production, sort out deliveries, etc. Business managers then need to ensure that the orders are shipped safely and securely. The number one lesson about shipping products locally or globally is to pack them with proper shipping supplies. Finding good packaging supplies can be tricky, that too in wholesale. Not every product can be shipped in one shipping apparatus, as each order is unique. You may require specific packaging equipment for particular orders. So, instead of going around town on a wild goose chase, you can come to check our collection of shipping supplies. Tape, poly bags, cardboard boxes – we have them all in different types and sizes.

Popular Uses: When you get small orders, you do not require big boxes to ship them out. Your customer may put in charge of a single t-shirt or a single purse. Wasting an entire cardboard box over single items is not economical for your business. They may order a product that needs to be tightly sealed, so boxes would not help in that regard at all. It is best to save your boxes for large orders that can do without secured seals. That is why you should bulk order poly mailers to handle packaging orders. Our shipping bags are perfect for holding lightweight and non-fragile products. Apparel, stationery, books, etc., can be shipped locally or globally with ease using these poly bags. You can send slightly fragile products such as makeup and jewelry in poly mailers, be sure to wrap them in bubble wrap first. Refrain from shipping perishable and highly breakable items in shipping bags.

Handling big orders is an easy task if done right. You might own a produce business, so you only ship locally to prevent the crop from rotting. If you own a wholesale e-commerce business, you send out big orders down the street or across the globe every day. You may be a moving company, so you will need to stock up on boxes before running out of them. Shoe stores also require cardboard boxes daily, as poly bags are not suitable packaging for shoes. If any of these scenarios apply to you and you are looking for cardboard boxes, look no further than our website. These moving boxes will aid in delivering your produce downtown with no problem. With our boxes, the customers of your e-commerce can rest easy on receiving their orders. Moving houses can not get any better if you use our cheap moving boxes. Send your customers to home satisfied with their shoe purchase using our moving boxes.

Our poly bags feature a self-adhesive option that allows for fast packing and shipping. They are to be used for non-fragile and lightweight items only. So, when you have oversized shipments, you need to use cardboard boxes to send them to rightful recipients in mint condition. The only way to do that is to ensure that the boxes are correctly sealed, thus keeping the products protected from exterior risks. Our available tapes will be able to help you in closing your boxes. Moving companies can use masking tape on their moving boxes to reuse those boxes for the next client. We also have packing tapes for large orders that need to be sealed firmly.

Product Materials: Our poly bags range from size 6” x 9” to 24” x 24”. As they are made of co-extruded polyethylene film, they are tear-proof and water-resistant. They also have self-sealing properties because of their strong adhesive. As everyone is trying to save our environment, we make our cardboard boxes out of recycled kraft paper. They also have a permanent tape closure, so you will not have to worry about buying extra tape. But, if you are not using our mailer boxes, you may get packing tape from our website.