Customized Social Distancing Pins


Browse our collection of pin buttons as a reminder to maintain a safe distance. Go the extra mile to keep our communities healthy and socially distanced. We recommend attaching the Social Distancing Reminder Pins on your belongings such as backpacks, jackets, or hats. These pins will creatively nudge participation from the those around you.

Social Distancing Reminder Pins

Promote social distancing measures and emphasize its importance by inspiring people to wear our Social Distancing Reminder Pins. Manufactured from metal and available in round shapes, they come with several in-stock designs that demonstrate the necessities of keeping social distance in the public settings. When running errands at the grocery stores and pharmacies during the emergencies, people may accidentally get too close to people.

Our Collection: From our assortment of social distancing pins, choose the buttons that suit your business, brand, and organization. Our awesome collections of themed pinback buttons contain the awareness messages: If you can read this you are too close, eat sleep stay home repeat, 6 ft. apart of 6 ft. under, I am a front liner, I stayed home, keep calm and wash your hands, keep your distance, living my best quarantine, I’m not rude I’m social distancing, safety measure social distancing, stay safe, quarantine routine, I am practicing social distancing no handshakes please, practicing social distancing get away from me, stay inside save lives, and together we stand. Wearing these stock pins and buttons will make the message personal for everyone social distancing for realizing how we can contribute to saving lives by maintaining quarantine and distancing.

For Awareness: In order to avoid spreading infectious pathogens to others, people should maintain at least 6 feet distance when walking, waiting in queues, or checking out from counters. Remind people to leave enough face when conducting face-to-face communication and not shake hands upon meeting. Our social distancing buttons and pins for backpacks will not act as precautionary messages, but also fashion statements when pinned on bags and handbags. Others seeing these round pin buttons with cautionary messages will be aware not to get too close to the other people and contribute to slow down the spread of germs in public places and transports. Button collectors and enthusiasts will be delighted to receive these metal pin buttons as collectibles to add to their existing collections from the outbreak era!

For Your Business: Remind your customers to avoid close proximities by wearing our themed pinback buttons that will work as miniature billboards. Businesses and employers can order these stock pins and buttons for employees to wear as they provide service to customers and visitors from their work stations. The social distancing should be strictly followed with 6 feet distance.

They will serve as reminders for people to stand back when waiting in long lines at hospitals, gas stations, or convenience stores. As trendy accessories, they will be great addition to your jackets, hats and handbags. Thus, if you are ready to make a statement for social distancing, just order these social distancing stock pins and buttons. Kids will love to receive them as freebies! The ideal use of these pin back buttons could be helping to raise funds and donations for hospitals, healthcare professionals, and essential workers. For supporting the front line workers, these high-quality pin buttons can be fund raising mementos. The long lasting hard enamel with pin clasps will hold them in fabric and bags whenever worn to display the messages. Help local charities and shelter homes by selling these social distancing themed pinback buttons that will inspire community members for contributing with donations. Moreover, everyone can donate aids during this crisis period to help others in need and receive the pin buttons as souvenirs to take home as collectible.

For Uniforms: They can also make the staff wear the social distance stock pins and buttons on their company uniforms to pass on the message to customers. In this way, everyone can be sent friendly message of social distancing which is extremely necessary to prevent community based transmission of the viral disease. Make people understand that they can do all emblematic face-to-face communication by maintaining the social distance of 6 feet to avoid potential health hazards. Especially at assisted living centers, senior homes, care facilities, nursing homes, and orphanages, giving away these stock pins and buttons will be good initiative to spread awareness. Hence, people will wear the themed pinback buttons to share your social distancing word out with others by wearing these fashionable and colorful buttons and pins for backpacks.

For Fundraising: During these challenging times, businesses can help raise funds for purchasing masks and protective equipment for essential workers by selling social distancing pin buttons. Furthermore, all the proceeds from the sales of social distancing buttons could be donated to organizations providing personal protective equipment or sustaining supplies like food, clean water, and hygiene products. When several places will reopen, people can wear the social distancing pins as reminder of public health restriction that needs to be maintained. Essentially confined at homes for the safety of others, this pandemic will be lesson for the people to isolate, but still maintain communication through means of social distancing. In order to prevent health hazard, refrain from gathering in groups except for essential need.