Face Masks

Since last year, the increasing number of patients has rendered a critical situation in hospitals
worldwide. Doctors and healthcare professionals have had to toil endlessly going on rounds from
emergency units to isolation wards. Our non-woven, disposable face masks can aid them in such medical crises.

Working in the frontlines is extremely risky for healthcare and medical professionals who need to directly communicate with and treat patients at hospitals and care units. Maintain their safety by providing them with 3 ply non-woven mask and surgical masks that would prevent them from being exposed to germs and infection. Battling the spread of viruses is hard if doctors and nurses do not have proper protective equipments. In medical settings, 3 ply disposable masks will act as the first line of defense from inhaling harmful airborne pathogens. As potentially effective ways to control transmission of diseases, wearing face masks is necessary. Besides, for huge amount of viral shedding, hand-to-mouth transfer of germs can happen for which wearing disposable dust mask is essential. Asymptomatic carriers may spread the virus to other people if they are not wearing medical masks, cloth face masks, and other fabric face coverings. In public settings, like standing in queues or riding in vehicles will make it difficult to maintain social distancing during viral outbreak for which disposable or reusable cloth face masks should be worn. As recommended by CDC, wear cloth face coverings like 2-ply washable cloth face masks, neck gaiters, and bandanas to cover from the top of your nose to the bottom of your chin. Put on the fabric face masks when you are running errands at pharmacies and grocery stores. Reusable and washable face masks will reduce chances of spreading respiratory infections and diseases.