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Browse our collection of Medical PPE to aid the medical community in saving lives by eliminating the risk to their own lives. These items are also perfect for the many having to care for a sick loved one at home. It is imperative that during these trying times, our medical community are able to protect themselves and in extention the families they live with.

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Browse our collection of varied personal protective equipment for professional and personal use to  promote wellness and healthcare.

Face Coverings:
Provide yourself and those around you with an extra layer of protection with non-woven face masks, cloth face coverings, or disposable dust masks when you are in public. When running errands, going to work, exercising in close quarters, or traveling through crowded transports, wearing a fabric or cotton face mask can protect your respiratory system from dust or allergens and contain droplets from spreading. Cover from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin with cloth face coverings when visiting shopping malls, grocery stores, construction sites, manufacturing floors, banks, and other public settings. Filtering harmful particles or substances in the air, disposable dust masks will work as the first line of defense.

Save the medical masks for the medical professionals and alternatively use our reusable cloth face masks that come in a variety of colors with adult and youth sizes. Non-woven face masks and reusable cloth masks can be alternatively used when needed in order to reduce the spread of infections, dirt, dust, debris, pathogens, and pollutants. Most of our washable face masks have a long elastic strap adjustable strap that allows for a comfortable wear over the head or behind the neck. People coughing or sneezing can accidentally spread germs through droplets or spittle to others for which wearing washable face masks is important. When surrounded by numerous people in elevators and queues, wearing fabric face masks or non-woven face masks are extremely necessary to reduce the likeliness of transmission. We also have an assortment of designs for custom printed mouth masks that have breathable and good-filtration properties which can be machine washed to reuse over and over again.

Hand Sanitizers:
We also carry automatic hand soap dispensers and alcohol-based hand sanitizers that you can order To practice good hygiene by keeping your hands clean. When outdoors, you can have instant hand-cleaning solution with mini hand sanitizer bottles and hand sanitizer wipes that can be used in absence of water. Having isopropyl alcohol and moisturizing ingredients, our antibacterial hand sanitizers will reduce numbers of microbes from your hands instantly.

You can install automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for everyone to clean their hands in common high traffic public places like healthcare facilities, manufacturing units, educational institutions, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, and workplaces. These contact-free hand sanitizer dispensers can be filled with hand sanitizer liquid refills that we also carry. Businesses, corporations, and hospitals can order bulk hand sanitizer merchandise, hand sanitizer dispensers, and hand sanitizer refills for maintaining a sanitizer environment. We also recommend hand sanitizer wipes which are easy to carry in pockets, purses, and backpacks to keep your clean and healthy.

Protective Isolation Suits:
In healthcare settings, disposable isolation gowns and white protection suits will protect wearers from harmful chemical splashes and body fluids in laboratory and surgery rooms. Covering the person from the head to toe, full protection suits will prevent transfer of microbes from one person to another. Containing overall infection control strategy, dust protection suits can be worn by healthcare professionals and people with weakened immune systems. For instance, doctors, nurses, and first respondents who care for  patients from close distance can wear these suits and medical isolation gowns. Medical and isolation gowns should be worn at all times as protective barriers to minimize health risks.

Protective Glasses:
Maintaining good vision and avoiding injuries to your eye is important when you are on-the-job. For occupational safety, our impact resistant safety glasses and anti-fog lens can be worn to avoid injuries to your eyes. When working in laboratories, milling machines, and construction sites, it is important to cover eyes with protection goggles and dust-proof safety glasses. Otherwise, projectiles, dust, and debris may injure your eyes damaging your eyesight. Thus, use safety glasses for dusty areas to avoid the risks of something getting inside the eye. Wear dust protection glasses to guard eyes from dust, flecks of wood, projectiles, paint and harmful particles to avoid potential hazards at work.

Face Shields:
Medical face shields or anti fog face shields cover your entire face and are the go-to protection gear that can be worn over respirators, masks, and safety glasses. Full length face shields work like charm to prevent yourself from accidentally touching your face or prevent sneeze droplets from splattering on your face. Reusable face shields make face-to-face communication safer in close proximities preventing direct exposure to splashes.

Protective Gloves:
When performing surgical or industrial tasks, wearing disposable protective gloves will prevent body fluids, irritants, and germs from touching your hands and subsequently spreading. Thus, take preventive measures wearing protective gloves or disposable gloves to avoid contact with biohazards or other discharges.

Disinfectant Wipes & Health Kits:
The express sanitizer kits containing adhesive bandages, antiseptic towels, and antibiotic ointments will save you from sudden wounds and cuts. Similarly, disinfectant wipes will quickly wipe out germs and bacteria from wounded skin and unclean surfaces. Order them to keep at home, in your car, or at your place of business.

Thermometers & Oximeters:
Furthermore, consider buying lightweight and portable forehead thermometer kits, infrared thermometers, and fingertip pulse oximeters. Measure accurate temperature readings and monitor blood oxygen level with these devices that utilize electromagnetic radiation and wavelengths of light for delivering results.