Car Magnets

One thing to always keep in mind in order to boost your company sales is to keep thinking of unique marketing strategies. Undoubtedly, devices like flags, signs, banners and billboards are the tried and true method. However, if you would like to increase your target clientele, you could use our car magnets! You can stick these magnets to vehicles, mailboxes, tool boxes, windows, and electronic appliances!

There are three types of car magnets available in our collection: circle, custom-shaped and flexible. Circle car magnets are not available in any other shapes. If you need other shapes, you could check out the custom shaped magnets in which you can choose whatever pattern you need. Our flexible magnets can stick to surfaces that are have curves and edges because of their pliable material. We have a wide range of sizes available for each of these magnets. Customize the magnets however you want with logos, names, taglines, backgrounds, etc.!