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The gardening kits will help your recipient’s gardens bloom creating strong interpersonal relationship with your brand along the way. We have custom printed seed packets, plastic planter box, and mini watering can blossoming kits as advertising giveaway

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With green garden promotional tools, you will not only promote your brand positively but also help anyone’s garden to grow into its full potential. We have custom printed seed packets in the form of business cards with black-eyed Susan, pink forget-me-not, Shasta daisy, money plant, and wildflower mix seeds. Our mini watering can blossoming kit has bamboo blossom, snap-in blossom, mini pail blossom, and mini can watering blossom kit that you can imprint with your brand logos and promotional messages. Get our clay color plastic planter box to add classic style to your indoor garden plants. Any experienced and casual gardener will appreciate receiving functional garden tools on behalf of their florist, lawn care service, landscaping, and nursery business. Cultivating your growing business relationship with existing and prospective customers, these products will give your brand a down-to-earth platform for promotions. With your recipients’ summer garden blooming throughout the season, your garden kits will be often used in the heart of organic gardens. Ensuring consistent branding, the promotional garden kits will leave a lasting impression.