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Tape Measures

The real estate, contract, and construction businesses can let their clients know how much length they will go to earn their trust with brandable tape measures! To do measurements or give as practical gifts to prospects, you can order bulk tape measures.

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Spread the word out about your brand and connect to business associates simultaneously with our advertising tape measures. These ideal marketing tools will draw attention of the engineers, contractors, interior designers, architects, and carpenters who are part of target customer base. Choose from our assortment of carabiner tape measures, mini tape measure key chains, quick release tape measures, rubber tape measure key tags, screwdriver set with tape measures, and locking tape measures with key chain or multi-tool sets. Customize these mini tape measures with your logos, taglines, and promotional messages to turn them into powerful advertising mediums. Create widespread exposure with multipurpose brand able tape measures that are compact, retractable, and portable to often use for on-the-job tasks. Order bulk tape measures to accomplish your marketing goals by staying connected with your prospects, employees, and patrons. Giveaway the useful tools to potential customers so that they have your contact information ready whenever they need to get in touch with your business. Besides, recipients will take them on-the-go whenever they are working or need to do measurements. Ensuring repeated exposure, they will build brand reputation to let customers and business associates remember your name after the event has concluded.