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Ice Scrapers

Let your brand save people from the dreadful predicament of having their windshield all covered in snow. In these circumstances, primary automotive ice scrapers will do the job. Promotional ice scrapers will break ice and connect customers to your brand.

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Especially during the winter, promotional ice scrapers will be great merchandise to draw attention of business associates and patrons during marketing campaigns. Recipients will appreciate receiving heavy duty, dual blade, visor, plastic, and stainless steel ice scrapers to scrape off snow during emergencies. Being lightweight and easy to carry in backpacks and cars, the ice scrapers will come incredibly handy at the outdoor cold weather. Design them with your brand logos, promotional messages, and contact details to turn them into resourceful marketing tools. Clean the snow from your glasses, windows, and windshield on a regular basis, these portable tools will prove to be life savers. We have an assortment of automotive ice scrapers, credit card ice scrapers, sidewalk ice scrapers, and windshield ice scrapers to scrape through the snow and dust when needed. These sturdy functional tools will make your recipients ready for the snow when they are commuting. Distribute the ice scrapers at conventions, fundraising events, and auto tradeshows to spread your word out. Instead of waiting for the defroster to work, you can use this practical tool to remove ice.