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Make weddings, family reunions, tailgating parties, and camping trips memorable giving custom cigarette lighters and custom lipstick matchboxes to guests or cigarette aficionados. Hand them out as fun surprise gifts to your family, friends, and employees.

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For setting up campfire or lighting up your cigarette, custom printed lighters and custom lipstick matchboxes will be resourceful gifts. Our collection of matchboxes and lighters include Custom BIC Maxi Lighters, Custom BIC Solid Lighters, Custom Bottle Opener Lighters, Custom Classic Matchbox, Custom Lipstick Book Matchbox, Custom Little Matchboxes, Custom Printed Disposable Lighters, Custom Prism Standard Flint Cigarette Lighters, Oil Flip Top Wick Style Lighters, Solid Colored Standard Flint Cigarette Lighters, Standard Electronic Barbeque Lighters, Transparent Standard Flint Cigarette Lighters, and Zippo Windproof Lighters. Personalize them with family photos and brand logos to turn them into cherished mementos for recipients. Our Zippo windproof lighters are great game changers to ignite and flair fire amidst the breezy and cold weather. Being reliable and efficient fire starters, our promotional maxi lighters will light up fire without overheating and burning your fingers. Thus, start campfires, bonfires, and light cigarettes using our regular matchboxes and windproof lighters that are brilliant solution to ignition.