Multi Functional Tools

We have collection of multi-function tools that are lightweight, portable, and compact for carrying in your pockets, purses and backpacks. When cycling or camping, multi-purpose tools will save you from finding a toolbox for fixing or opening machines.

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Save space and accomplish unexpected tasks with small multi-functional tools that can be carried in the backpacks. We have credit card sized survival tools that can open different sized bottles or packages. Our round LED key light and bottle openers will help you find way or open bottles within seconds when you are camping or fishing. For avoiding touch of lift buttons and switches, you can use the touch free acrylic sanitary key that will help prevent the spread of germs. Handling emergencies and making life easier, multi-purpose tools will be popular tools among gadget lovers. From package to bottle openers, you can imprint these tools with your brand logos and promotional messages to turn them into the branded marketing tools. For travelers, these multi-functional tools will provide the smart key and opening tools to use for opening locks and repairing machine parts. Designed for pocket-sized portability, these multi-purpose tools will be your savior in many situations. Surprisingly durable, our multi-function tools will be your companion for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Imprint them and hand them out as promotional tools among employees and customers to indirectly advertise your business. Recipients will love receiving printed multi-functional tool that will come handy on a regular basis to perform emergency tasks.