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Handy for measuring tasks at hand, custom printed scale rulers will not only make the job easier for anyone but also promote your brand. As practical gifts, you can include them in goodie bags at science fairs, career exhibitions, and networking events.

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Used by everyone from employees, students, customers, and teachers, personalized rulers will be carried wherever your recipients go. As corporate gifts, you can mail plastic rulers with company logos to stay connected to business associates and prospects. Resourceful to conduct instant measurements, decode spreadsheets, and do mathematical tasks and home improvement projects, these rulers will be used in the long run. Choose from assortments of our custom printed scale rulers that include executive rulers, magnifying rulers, plastic rulers, ruler and calculator combo, flag tag ruler case, folding rulers, magnifier rulers with letter openers and bookmarks. People doing any project at hand with promotional rulers will be reminded of your brand. Therefore, aim for the exposure and put your name in the spotlight with branded rulers that will rule throughout the day! Moreover, they are budget friendly marketing tools for businesses, educational institutions, and libraries to spread all words out inch by inch. With their extra appeal, personalized rulers will be the center of attention at workplaces, classrooms, and study rooms as everyone will be using the rulers. Boosting work productivity among your recipients, branded rulers will be simultaneously promoting your brand. They will be perfect corporate gifts for increasing work efficiency.