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License & Certificate Holders

For anyone graduating or achieving milestones will want to keep their shiny new diploma or certificate in padded certificate holders for safety. To protect it from damage, abrasion, and humidity, our custom certificate holders will be the perfect tools.

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Most people would want to preserve their certificates and awards for years to come which is when our custom certificate holders will come handy. Padded and protected, they will prevent the documents and certificates from bending or further damage. For handing over certificates to students during the graduation ceremony, our graduation certificate holders will be the ideal accessories. Customize them with your brand and educational institution name to turn them into promotional tools. Our high quality padded certificate holders will not only keep your official documents safe but also allow you to put them on display. We have various assortments of license and certificate holders that come in various materials and designs like Leatherette Padded Certificate Diploma Holders, Padded Heat Sealed Diploma Holders, Standard Heat Sealed Diploma Holders, and Vinyl Certificate Diploma Holders. For showing off your milestones and achievements in a classy way, you can get these padded certificate holders that will make your certificate pop and look elegant. You need not keep your certificates in cabinets unprotected, but rather order our license and certificate holders to keep them assembled and coordinated. Present the certificates to all the recipients in custom certificate holders at graduation ceremonies and awarding events.