Flatten The Curve - Stop Corona Virus

Let's Do Our Part to Create a Safe & Healthy Environment

Personalize products like wristbands, banners, hand sanitizers, medical wristbands, coasters, etc. to prompt a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones, employees, and community. With the growing population, the importance of personal hygiene to ensure a healthy and clean public is at its peak. We as a society, need to spread awareness and tips on how to achieve the necessary cleanliness for optimal community health. Take the extra step to remind yourself and those around you to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, cover your mouth with masks when you are sick, drink hot fluids, etc.

Reusable FACE MASK

Wearing Blank Reusable Face Masks will serve as a barrier or protective gear to prevent the spread of airborne diseases, car smokes, dusts, or pollutant ashes. Reusable mouth masks are important in the fight to protect you from hand-to-mouth transfer of germs through contaminated surfaces and respiratory droplets. Practice good hygiene and carry reusable face masks when working or traveling outdoors


Keep your hands clean and practice good hygiene to fight against germs or prevent being infected with our Custom Hand Sanitizers. Healthcare organizations, medical facilities, or hospitals can distribute promotional hand sanitizers to spread awareness for being health conscious. Thus, have personalized hand sanitizer ready in the pockets and purses to stay clean and healthy!


Campaign for healthy and hygienic lifestyles by printing custom apparel that promotes awareness. Inform the people around you about everyday practices that will ensure good health and hygiene. Your Custom clothing will stimulate the practice of personal hygiene that will in turn allow for mass public health improvements.


Promote messages on practicing good hygiene and health consciousness through Custom Wristbands. Inform people to stay safe practically during infectious disease outbreaks by spreading the word out with personalized silicone wristbands, custom tyvek wristbands, custom cloth wristbands, and vinyl wristbands.


Increase brand recognition while promoting a healthy lifestyle by sipping on invigorating tea or coffee every morning in your Custom Full Color Mugs. As a wellness promotional item, our personalized mugs will let patrons and staff stay active and energized with hot beverages. The personalized coffee mugs and full color printed mugs are practical merchandise that will always be used.


Keep your beverage cans from getting mixed with our Custom Can Coolers that will keep hands dry and act as temperature retention barriers to keep drinks cool. Stay hydrated and healthy carrying drinks in printed can coolers and custom foam koozies. Have collapsible can coolers and full color koozies ready to drink in style and prevent drip marks or rings.


Boost awareness for your brand while also promoting good hygiene to guarantee a healthy public. Personalize your choice of coaster with daily reminders to wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, practice social distancing, and much more to help keep your community safe and healthy.


Fight the fight against misinformation and promote accurate information on how to lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle by personalizing custom vinyl banners. They are also ideal for public healthcare institutions to indicate testing site locations or navigate traffic on hospital grounds. We offer various sizes and full color printing to meet your needs.


Personalize stadium cups to remind your family or employees to wash their hands and not to share cups to ensure a healthy and clean household and work environment. You can use them as disposable cups or sterilize the cups after use in the dishwasher to prevent spread of disease, bacteria, virus, etc.


Customize yard signs to indicate any health issues or delivery instructions particular to your home or business for outside visitors or delivery personal to practice social distancing. Design your sign to also relay accurate information on healthy hygienic practices to post around your community to fight to flatten the curve.


For people with serious health-related conditions, wearing Custom Medical Wristbands is going to help save you or your loved one’s life in urgent situations. Consider wearing emergency ID bracelets to show vital medical information or contact details. Medical professionals will know if you are allergic to particular foods, medicines, or need specific treatment based on your medical alert bracelets.

Custom & Blank NAPKINS

Maintain good hygiene and clean up after spills and crumbs with Custom Napkins. Whenyou accidentally run out of toilet paper and need to wipe your hand, you can utilize blank paper napkins as good alternatives. You can even carry extra ones with you on-the-go to serve as your immediate wipes and facial towel.