Golf Pencils

For building brand awareness and increase productivity, employers and teachers can hand out personalized golf pencils to staff and students. Drawing attention to your promotional message, branded golf pencils will be always used for writing and doodling!

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Due to their unique shape and colorful appearance, mini golf pencils are thought to be as the classic writing instruments that writes dark in their matte black color. Having various uses, customized golf pencils are used in classrooms, golf courses, and libraries. Though they are about half the length compared to regular pencils, the mini golf pencils include a sharp and narrow tip that writes smoothly on normal papers and coated cards. Businesses and employers can order these elegant branded golf pencils to use as marketing tools on their promotional campaigns. Handing out custom pencils with logo to target recipients will lead them to remember your brand whenever they use the mini golf pencils to take notes and jot down scores. Include them in the stationery goodie bag for conferences and trade shows to maximize your impact. With your brand logos, phone numbers and slogans printed, personalized golf pencils will turn into miniature billboards on everyone’s hands. Branded golf pencils stand out among regular pencils because they would not break and split easily as they are construction with durability in mind. Besides, they have sharp tips to write notes, shade in drafts, and do sketches and can be used by both adults and kids as everyday writing tools. Using them will improve the penmanship as they are easy to hold.