Matchboxes & Toothpick Boxes

Custom matchboxes and toothpick boxes have many uses. Wedding gift packages often come with customized toothpick boxes and matchboxes. Hosts planning Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween parties include theme specific matchboxes and toothpick boxes. Also, companies try new things to advertise their brand and using personalized toothpick boxes and matchboxes is one of them.

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Custom Classic Matchbox
Custom Lipstick Book Matchbox
Custom Little Matchbox
Custom Toothpick Boxes
Full Color Matchboxes With 12 3-inch Matchsticks
Full Color Matchboxes With 17 3-inch Matchsticks
Full Color Matchboxes With 23 2-inch Matchsticks
Rectangle Shaped Toothpicks N Mints
Screen Printed 20-strike Matchboxes
Semi Truck Shaped Toothpicks N Mints

There are many varieties in shapes and customizations in our collection of matchboxes and toothpick boxes. Our semi-truck shaped and rectangle shaped toothpick boxes are innovative way to revamp your brand. You can also get our full color matchboxes and screen-printed matchboxes to be given out as promotional goodies. Our custom classic matchboxes and custom toothpick boxes are the ideal choice for holiday occasions. We also have custom lipstick book matchboxes or our custom little matchboxes that you can use for your wedding invitation packages.