As holiday presents, employee recognition awards, and achievement milestone gifts, your custom printed candies and custom mint tins are cost-effective and thoughtful giveaways. Distribute them at networking events and personal occasions to be remembered.

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Andes Thin Chocolate Mints
Assorted Fruit Balls
Assorted Fruit Balls In Stock Packaging
Assorted Pastel Chocolate Mints
Assorted Pastel Chocolate Mints In Stock Wrappers
Chocolate Mint Creams In Stock Packaging
Cinnamon Starlites Hard Candy
Gourmet Chocolate Mints/white Candy Shell
Hard Cinnamon Balls Candy
Hard Cinnamon Balls In Stock Packaging
Hard Peppermint Balls - Customized Wrapper
Hard Peppermint Balls In Stock Packaging
Pastel Buttermints Soft Candy
Pastel Buttermints Soft Candy In Stock Packaging
Red Peppermint Starlites Hard Candy
Soft Peppermints  - Customized Wrapper
Soft Peppermints In Stock Packaging
Soft White Buttermints In Stock Packaging

Show appreciation towards business associates, employees, customers, and patrons with our collection of promotional mints. We have numerous personalize chocolate mints like assorted fruit balls, green peppermint hard candies, chocolate mint creams, thin chocolate mints, assorted pastel chocolate mints, cinnamon balls candies, soft buttermint candies, and jelly-filled mint soft candies. Customized with your brand logos and advertisements, these custom printed candies will be ideal packages to thank customers and prospects for their referrals, businesses, and achievements. At corporate nights, conferences, employee recognition events, and marketing campaigns, custom mint tins will bring fresh breath on everyone’s mouths. As must-have essentials to carry in pockets, purses, and wallets, these sweet pops are life-savers after heavy lunch, wine, and coffee. Packed with promotional punches, they will leave your customers thinking about your brand. At the workplace, school, and tradeshows, promotional mints will be good ice-breakers for introducing your brand. Custom printed candies are miniature billboards shared and passed from hand to hand for showing your brand in a subtle way. Hence, hand out invigorating mints to target patrons.