Custom Carabiners

Carabiners allow you to carry things that you would have difficulty carrying in your hands or fitting in your bag. Our carabiners have multiple purposes besides attaching onto things. They make for great promotional giveaways, if they are customized with company logo or name, at trade shows. You could even get these carabiners as part of company swag items or Christmas stocking presents!

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Premier Badge Reels
Nite Ize® Sb-3 Carabiners
Nite Ize Carbiner Key Racks
Nite Ize Slidelock Magnetic Locking Dual Carabiners
Nite Ize Doohickey Carabiner Multi-tool
Everest Carabiner Bottle Openers
Carabiner Fun Spinner With Bottle Openers
Aluminum Carabiner With Bottle Holder
Baby Barrel 6 Led Torch With Carabiner
Carabiner Key Ring W/ Black Strap

Our collection of carabiners offers more variety than you can think of. One of our carabiners is made into a fidget spinner, so you can both fidget with it and have your important devices attached. We also have a tiny LED light carabiner that can be the perfect camping tool. Everyone should have our multi-Tool carabiners to make their life a bit easier. Many of our carabiners are also bottle openers. Choose your pick and place your order today!