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Let everyone quench their thirst with chilled drinks wrapped up in custom Koozies to take home as party mementos. Preventing hydration, they will keep beverages chilled to their last drop. Besides, the can coolers fold flat for easy portability.

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Blank Colored Camo Foam Collapsible Coolies

Ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduation celebrations, and tailgating parties, our custom neoprene Koozies and custom foam Koozies will commemorate your occasion. Made from polyurethane foam and neoprene materials, these beverage insulators will keep the drink cans cool for longer periods of time. Customize them with trendy sayings, advertisements, and brand logos to turn them into powerful advertising mediums. While the temperature outside heats up, you can keep your guests cool by handing out chilled beers and sodas in these can coolers! Keeping the drinks insulated, they will prevent condensation so people can enjoy cold drinks without needing to refrigerate them every once in a while. They are flat and foldable to easily carry in your pockets and purses wherever you go. Great to use for camping, fishing trips, and backyard barbeques, these can coolers will keep everyone refreshing and chilled. Family reunions will be memorable with everyone toasting drinks and sharing stories with matching custom Koozies. Besides, they are collectibles for drink aficionados who would love to switch and use different can coolers whenever they drink.