Biodegradable Bags

Turn printed biodegradable bags into powerful advertising mediums for your business by handing them out with customer purchases. Generating short term exposure in everyone’s hand as they carry, these bags will be ideal cost-effective marketing tools.

12 X 15 Inch Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags
15 X 19 Inch Recyclable Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags
7 X 10.5 Inch Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags
9.5 X 12 Inch Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags
9.5 X 12 Inch Drawstring Plastic Bags
9.5 X 14 Inch Die Cut Frosted Brite Plastic Bags
Cotton Draw Drawstring Plastic Bags
Matte Laminated Paper Eurototes
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Distribute printed paper bags with handles and branded biodegradable bags for promoting green initiative. Order our custom black paper bags Matte Laminated Paper Eurototes and printed biodegradable bags offered in other colors that are best alternative to plastic bags. Hand them out at marketing campaigns, conferences, seminars, and corporate meetings to boost your brand. Customize these paper shopping bags with your brand logos and catchy slogans to turn them into powerful advertising mediums. As low-cost marketing tools, the branded biodegradable bags will act as miniature billboards when held in people’s hands. Throughout the event, recipients will see your logo that will leave a positive impression on their minds to get your brand remembered. For in-store purchases, they will make instant promotion on behalf of your brand as patrons walk home content. Therefore, compliment with any budget and design with biodegradable bags to boost customers’ shopping experience! The eye-catching bags can be hand out by apparel stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.