Social Distancing Protective Barriers For Your Business

Take that extra step to protect your employees and customers with protective barriers that create a wall between the two people. They will protect the interacting people from spreading any germs through sneezing, coughing, or even talking.


Social Distancing is a crucial measure we as a community need to take to protect our loved ones and friends. Ensure people are maintaining a safe distance in your store or office by installing these stickers as a guide and reminder.



Social Distancing Protective Barriers

Make use of Social Distancing Protective Barriers at various points-of-purchase locations like customer service desks, convenience stores, and registration counters for safety. Due to the rise of infectious disease outbreaks, maintaining social distancing is everyone’s responsibility. This should be done to minimize the risk of infections among others and also slow down the spread of germs. The sneeze guard barriers work very well in blocking the spread of germs in confined places. Places where maintaining social distancing is essential like checkouts, reception, and customer service desks at convenience stores, restaurants or service counters, counter barriers should be positioned.

Being manufactured from acrylic plastic materials, sneeze guard protection barriers serve as separation partitions between employees or representatives and customers or patrons. During communication or when consumers approach for inquiry, you need not ask them to keep distance, but place sneeze guard shields in front. Separating members and public from getting too close who may be vulnerable or accidentally spread germs, cough guards will be the turnkey solutions. Choose from our blank counter barriers or full color sneeze guard barriers to imprint with your brand logos and promotional messages. While talking, customers will take notice of the brand promotion as they act as the miniature billboards!

The clear sneeze guard protection barriers can be assembled easily. Instead of requiring any tools for installation, the sneeze guard protection barriers can be installed anywhere within seconds. Therefore, defend secured, restricted and critical areas placing counter barriers that will act as a physical safeguard to stop transmission of germs and diseases. Even though people are coughing, sneezing, and talking, the social distance barriers will make sure the droplets carrying harmful pathogens does not pass to everyone else. Conduct face to face communications safely be having sneeze guard shields or counter barriers installed in the designated areas.

Place them widely at counters to protect cashiers, staff, and customers from transmissions of infectious agents. Providing the ideal solution for your needs, social distance barriers will minimize occasions of health hazards. Besides, they are portable and lightweight for assembling quickly at any location. Thus, use these sneeze guard barriers simultaneously as promotional and safeguard tools. Especially at banks, automobile dealerships, gasoline stations, cashier register areas, salon counters, dental clinic, take out counters, bank teller counters, and medical facilities, protective barriers will ensure health safety for everyone. Being the practical tools worth the price, our sneeze guard protection barriers will help to maintain the social distance. Therefore, act as responsible employer organization to install the protective sneeze guards that will act as transparent shields to offer them great protection.

Traditionally used for ages in restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, bakeries, and buffets, the sneeze guard shields kept certain spaces protected and sanitized. Both parties needing to communicate will remain protected from transmission of germ through cough barriers. For this reason, businesses should consider using these sneeze guard protection barriers during infectious disease outbreaks. Considered as protective tools in checkout location at various facilities, cough guards will make face-to-face interaction stress free. Keeping the area clean and also limiting the spread of disease, sneeze guards will prevent transmission of disease at higher rates. Moreover, they will contain germs within the glass which could be cleaned later.