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Custom Seed Flower Packets and Seed Packets


Custom seed and flower packets are a fun way to advertise your business or to giveaway at an event. With today's climate change problems and on going deforestation problems in the world this is a great product to associate your brand and name with positive climate change stance.


Flower seeds and seed pods are a great way to market your small business, as they are eco-friendly, beautiful, and can be sustainably harvested for years. When it comes to marketing opportunities, don't overlook smaller efforts that make a big impact: it's not always what you do but how you do it. A garden planted around your company logo puts a meaningful touch on any blank exterior; a flower petal taped to the inside of the window can brighten up an old sign. Even if the build quality might put some hesitant about outsourcing their flowers needs, there is undoubtedly spectacle to be had in an interactive product like this — especially when seen from the perspective of someone who receives the personalized seasonal bouquet or dapper boutonniere come holiday time.