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People throughout the world observe St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. Originally a religious holiday, it has evolved to include parades, bars, and parties. Being a holiday, it’s a fantastic chance to promote your company while still having fun. You may take advantage of numerous holidays in March to boost sales at your business. You have a ton of chances to make money and create effective campaigns, from International Women’s Day to the first day of spring. We wish you luck so you can increase St. Patrick’s Day sales this year. Holidays are a great opportunity to capitalize on the cheer and increase sales. You have ideal opportunities to get attention when throngs of people are looking for enjoyable ways to celebrate.


Don’t leave the success of your promotions to chance because St. Patrick’s Day will be over before you realize it. Plan to have the maximum impact during this flash holiday, whether your objective is to go greener, sell off outdated goods, or attract new clients. For inspiration, look at our St. Patrick’s Day promotion suggestions.


Brewing Mugs

People everywhere will be drinking coffee on St. Patrick’s Day (whether green or not). Selling brewing mugs is one thing that is sure to bring in sales if you’re wanting to earn a little extra money for your online store in March. Brewing mugs are a terrific present item to sell for someone who likes St. Patrick’s Day or who intends to celebrate at home this year rather than going out to coffee cafes. Make festive or just plain drinking-related designs.


Custom Full Color Printing 11oz White Mugs, 11oz Two TonFull-Coloror Mugs


Custom Apparel

Wearing green is a must while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Design a tank top, t-shirt, or sweatshirt with the Irish festival in mind. Four-leaf, drinking, kissing, and being lucky are typical themes. Online stores began promoting their capacity to produce holiday attire and provide clients with creative ideas at that point. There are so many customizable apparels to be used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We offer pre-designed layouts or let you construct your own to suit your needs.


American Apparel Unisex Poly-Cotton Tank, Unisex Basic Tee T-Shirts, Jerzees 8 Oz50/50 NuBlend® Fleece Crew


Personalized Hats

Embroidered hats are another article of clothing that might bring in sales on St. Patrick’s Day. Because of their perceived worth, embroidered hats make a terrific product to sell, especially if you decide to market more well-liked designs like dad caps or beanies. Additionally, because embroidery designs are simpler, you can sell more straightforward ones, which may encourage customers to wear your goods throughout the year.


Custom Classic Soft Crown Caps, Custom Embroidered Structured Baseball Hats


Custom St. Patty’s Tumblers

Without bringing up our custom tumblers, it would be impossible to discuss St. Patrick’s Day merchandise. Although double wall tumblers are most likely not being utilized for a party, they are still a product that will generate sales! To drink water and stay hydrated, individuals use tumblers daily. Sell more tumblers to clients during this holiday season so they can celebrate the season in style! Design your fortunate tumblers in a way that will draw customers in and encourage them to buy them.


Custom Double Wall Tumbler – 16 Oz.

St. Patrick’s Party Drinkware

Although Saint Patrick was probably a pretty cool person, we all know that the main purpose of St. Patrick’s Day is to celebrate by having a good time and drinking some beverages. Purchasing cups must be the first item on your to-do list if you are planning a party. If you visit, you can dress up or keep things casual. Get a great discount on our delicate custom stadium cups, which are available in a range of colors and can hold up to 32 ounces of liquid. Our lovely personalized stadium cups, which your guests can take home with them, are recommended for more upscale parties. Regardless of the custom St. Patrick’s Day cups you select, you can order one of our pre-printed designs or make your own. You can put the name of your event, draw a leprechaun, or decorate your cup with a clipart image from our extensive library at


12oz Stadium Cups, 16oz Stadium Cups, 22oz Stadium Cups, 32oz Stadium Cups


Custom St. Patrick’s Coaster

Avoid letting beverage spills discolor your table. Adopt a unique, personalized St. Patrick’s Day coaster to prevent spills. These coasters are available in many different designs and will prevent beer or soda from leaking onto the table all night long. Of course, you can alter them to make them completely match your celebration. These customized coasters also make fantastic party favors for your visitors or unique trophies for your winning beer pong players. Consider getting a set (or two or three) of our personalized St. Patrick’s Day coasters if you’re concerned about how your surfaces will fare. These things help preserve your surfaces while enhancing the overall design.


Pulpboard Coasters – 3 7/8″ X 5 3/8″ Rectangle, Pulpboard Coasters – 3.5″ Square, Pulpboard Coasters – 3.5″ Round, Pulpboard Coasters – 4″ Round


Personalized Table Napkin

For St. Patrick’s Day festivities, you can choose from a wide variety of unique dinner napkins to impress your guests. We provide a wide range of professionally created personalized napkins. Regardless of what you have in mind, we make choosing the ideal tone for your setting a piece of cake. Using our online design tool, personalization is absurdly easy.   Dress it up however you like. With just a click, you can add text, add a logo or artwork, change the product’s color and ink color, and adjust its size, and position. Get a customized napkin for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration event for your online store, restaurant, or even coffee shop. Promoting your company’s name or brand is a smart move through these custom St. Patrick’s napkins.


 Customized Printed napkins, Foil Printed Napkins, Full-color Napkins, Linen-like Napkins, Pre-designed Napkins


St. Patty’s Custom Can Coolers

There will be a lot of beer on St. Patrick’s Day if there is one thing you can count on. This is why making personalized can coolers for the event is such a terrific idea. Producing can coolers is pretty affordable, and sublimation and heat transfer vinyl can be used to print them in large quantities. Offering your customers the option to personalize their can coolers with things like names, dates, and sayings is a wonderful idea because can coolers are frequently manufactured for special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day. This will boost the perceived worth of the goods and make the can coolers more special to your customers, making it possible for you to earn more money during the celebration.


Premium Foam Collapsible Coolies, Foam Can Coolies, Neoprene Collapsible Can Coolers, Premium Foam Collapsible Slim Can Coolers, Fluorescent Neon Foam Collapsible Coolies, Zippered Bottle Can Coolers, Full-Color Foam Collapsible Coolies, Full-Color Collapsible SLIM Can Coolers


St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-Shirts

The fact that St. Patrick’s Day is a significant day for personalized T-shirts shouldn’t be a surprise. There is a high demand for colorful and festive clothing since people are attending parades, parties, and other events. Keep your T-shirt designs straightforward and embellish your sweatshirt, hoodie, or T-shirt with a green shamrock or four-leaf clover. One of our printing methods is to use Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl, which comes in a variety of green hues in addition to gold and white. Keep in mind that you should adorn T-shirts that are either green, white, gray, black, or blue, and that your design should always incorporate some green. Custom t-shirts are unquestionably one of the most popular items to create for the event.


Custom T-shirts, Customized Ladies, and Juniors apparel, Custom Sweat Apparel, Custom Embroidered Shirts, Customized Youth apparel


St. Patrick Day Party Cup Sleeves

If you want to command everyone’s attention at the event, this is for you. These party cup sleeves provide a customized touch to your party cup, making it more elegant and protecting your hands from burning. These premium party cup sleeves are robust and able to withstand repeated use. There are essentially no restrictions on the modification for them! Your design of choice is applied to the cup sleeve using durable printing, so you can be sure it will look great and last a long time. The design, both sides, and the bottom of the cup sleeve will all be printed. Take advantage of some extra luck with this enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day design. It’s ideal for any leprechaun parties or holiday decorations you may be doing. Exactly what? If you’re lucky, this pattern will guide you to the pot of wealth at the bottom of the rainbow.


Custom Premium Embossed Natural Kraft Cup Sleeves, Custom Premium Embossed White Cup Sleeves, Full Color 12/16/20/24 Oz Beverage Wrap Paper Sleeves – Kraft, Full Color 12/16/20/24 Oz Beverage Wrap Paper Sleeves 


Personalized Sandwich Boards

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day is known for its green beer, liquor, and boisterous behavior. But what about businesses that don’t have Irish heritage? You can still take part in the festivities. An excellent approach to increase sales is to have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Display your menu on personalized sandwich boards and make a special green beverage and dish suited for St. Patrick’s Day. With the attractive menu on the sandwich boards, passersby will be drawn to your cafe or restaurant. You can use this opportunity to promote your businesses and draw more customers to them. This will be the greatest strategy for party hosts to direct their attendees to the event. We also provide a free tool to assist you to come up with ideas if you have no idea what to write on your personalized sandwich boards for your business. You can choose the sizes you want and create the styles and designs you want.


40 X 30 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards, 28 X 22 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards, 36 X 24 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards



St. Patrick’s Day can be boisterous and merry or solemn and contemplative. It is important to commemorate it how you see fit and to advertise your company while doing so. Like any occasion, is a terrific chance to keep your marketing fresh and come up with entertaining methods to engage your audience. With the help of these St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategies, social media postings, and catchphrases, you can make your online store or company prosperous by attracting a fresh batch of clients. For us to come up with original and beautiful ideas, organize your St. Patrick’s Day event with us in advance. Message us here or give us a call right now.

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