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In French, Mardi Gras translates as “fat Tuesday.” It is observed on the Tuesday before Lent because it is the last day that Christians, particularly Catholics, are permitted to partake in fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. Lent is a subsequent 40-day fast. The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is the exact date of Mardi Gras. If you’re curious about the history of Mardi Gras, read on. “, we need to look back thousands of years to pagan spring festivals. For instance, the Romans engaged in the wild festival of Lupercalia, which included feasting, sex, and animal sacrifice. Leaders adopted the boisterous festivities as a prelude to the fasting season of Lent after Rome converted to Christianity. Mardi Gras originated in this manner. Mardi Gras was introduced to Europe and ultimately the Americas through Christianity.

It’s time to rejoice with friends and family since Fat Tuesday is just around the horizon. In New Orleans and other places throughout the world, Mardi Gras is a time for extravagant celebrations. The carnival-like celebrations usher in the Lenten week coming up to Easter. You can’t go wrong using these creative Mardi Gras party tools to throw your vibrant event.

Custom Silicone Wristbands

The day of Mardi Gras will undoubtedly be filled with a variety of events, festivals, parades, and parties. Our personalized silicone wristbands are a terrific solution to assure security if you’re searching for a quick and affordable approach to restricting event access. We provide wristbands in a variety of designs and hues, including the usual Mardi Gras hues of green, gold, yellow, and purple. For a Mardi Gras celebration, use one of our sturdy custom silicone wristbands. Custom wristbands let you create a wristband that is completely specific to your event, enhancing its uniqueness and making it even more memorable and exceptional if you want even more protection. To meet the unique requirements of your event, we provide a variety of custom silicon wristbands in a wide range of designs and hues.

Printed Wristbands, Ink Injected Wristbands, Color Coat Wristbands, Debossed Silicone Adjustable Wristbands


Custom Can Coolers

Nothing beats a cold beer or other beverage at the Mardi Gras festival celebration. While enjoying the festivities, you enjoy drinking cold beer, but you’re constantly concerned that the cold won’t endure. You won’t ever have to worry about your frozen cold beer warming up at the party with these personalized can coolers. Our can coolers serve the only purpose of keeping beverages cold, but we also offer a large selection of stylish custom coolers that take care of more than just your beverage-chilling requirements. While still achieving their most fundamental goal of keeping your beers or beverages cool until the last drop, even if you are on the street under the sun watching the parades, the robust personalized can coolers are indestructible and can meet all those needs. These individualized can coolers are excellent for carrying around as well. If you’re looking for good products at good costs, look through our selection of personalized coolies. Our selection of customized can cooler designs and sizes are endless. Our selection of cooler styles is limitless, regardless of what kind of Mardi Gras celebration you are hosting.

Premium Foam Collapsible Coolies, Foam Can Coolies, Neoprene Collapsible Can Coolers, Premium Foam Collapsible Slim Can Coolers, Fluorescent Neon Foam Collapsible Coolies, Zippered Bottle Can Coolers, Full-Color Foam Collapsible Coolies, Full-Color Collapsible SLIM Can Coolers


Custom Shot Glasses

Whether you’re throwing a Mardi Gras party or a gathering in your house, shot glasses are a necessity! Without shot glasses for your wine-loving visitors, you simply cannot have a gathering, and these monogrammed shot glasses are ideal. These shot glasses are perfect for any type of wine or beverage, and they may even be customized to match your Mardi Gras celebration aesthetic. You will make a good impression on everyone you serve by using these exquisite shot glasses, as well as on them for having such high-quality shot glasses. Custom Shot Glasses and Shooters are sure to uplift the mood of the gathering with their sturdy glass structure and direct screen print! You can select from our most popular presents, single personalized shot glasses, including Custom Clear Tall Shooter Glasses, Custom Clear, Frosted, and Black Shot Glasses. Include your party and design ideas in personalized shot glasses that serve as keepsakes for your event’s promotion. Our Custom Shot Glasses and Shooters, which have countless uses and are a fantastic complement to your event themes, will leave a lasting impact on your visitors as they celebrate the Mardi Gras festival and parties.

Custom Clear Shot Glasses- 1.75 Oz., Personalized Black Shot Glasses- 1.75 Oz., Customized Frosted Shot Glass- 1.75 Oz., Customized Frosted Blue Shot Glass- 1.75 Oz., Custom Clear Tall Shooter Glasses- 2 Oz., Custom Frosted Tall Shooter Glasses – 2 Oz.


Personalized Bottle Opener

When you use this bottle opener to indicate your plans to celebrate Fat Tuesday, you won’t feel very silly. When you need to open a grip bottle on the run, bottle openers with logos can be useful. Custom bottle openers can come to your rescue in an emergency. Because they may fit in a pocket or purse, these goods are portable. Therefore, you can rely on the bottle opener to open a stoppered bottle for you should you wish to take a drink while driving, especially when celebrating Mardi Gras. High-quality bottle openers with custom imprints are excellent Mardi Gras promotional items. Never assume that you will need to open a grip bottle. Bottle openers with custom printing are also inexpensive. The cost of traditional advertising channels like billboards and newspaper ads has increased over time. However, bottle openers are more reasonably priced. They merely need a small budget from you. Bottle openers with custom printing have room for your brand. Additionally, you can decide on a color or shape that will best represent your business. You don’t yet have a logo. We can assist you in finding a full-color design that will strengthen your marketing effort.

Bottle Openers

Personalized Table Napkin

When organizing a Mardi Gras party, only one thing needs to be taken into consideration. Three cheers for fun! Mardi Gras is only an opportunity to have fun it serves no higher purpose. Don’t obsess about the details. Simply put, you’ll need delicious food, a wide variety of beverages, and music that will shake a few fillings loose. Napkins should be ready because the food will be involved. You don’t necessarily want crumbs on your carpet just because you’re breaking it down, though! We are your one-stop shop for custom Mardi Gras napkins at can choose from a range of napkins from us, including foil-printed, full-color, linen-like, pre-designed, blank, and customizable napkins. Next, you can select from the following napkin types: 2-ply, 3-ply, luncheon, and dinner. In other words, your napkins can either be plain and useful or they can give your Mardi Gras excess a touch of luxury. Start by inserting content in the color and type of font you like. Maybe include your celebration name and the year. Do you want a classy ancestral emblem that is reminiscent of old families,  We also provide a range of monogram designs.

Customized Printed napkins, Foil Printed Napkins, Full-color Napkins, Linen-like NapkinsPre-designed Napkins, Blank Napkins


Personalized Foam and Paper Cups

Of course, drinking is a big element of many Mardi Gras celebrations. That implies that your cups will attract a lot of attention. Don’t just buy simple cups from the supermarket. Better than that is deserved for your gathering! You may personalize a choice of various cups at Choose our paper cups or our ever-popular foam party cups if you only need a vessel for drinking. Our paper and foam cups, which come in a variety of sizes, have some serious gulping power if you’re looking for something a little more unusual. To completely personalize them, visit Designer again since all of our cups are fully customizable. Of course, if you need to throw a Mardi Gras celebration quickly, you should get our pre-made Mardi Gras paper and foam cups. With these cups, we’ll guarantee that your party will be beautiful and fun. We wish you a fantastic Mardi Gras and urge you to enjoy yourself and keep yourself safe.

Customized Styrofoam Cups, Custom Hot Paper Cups 


Custom Mardi Gras Apparel

Mardi Gras falls on February 21st this year, so it’s time to start planning how you’ll design festive and vibrant clothing for events like parties, parades, festivals, fundraisers, and runs. Although there are many ideas available online, you don’t need to search any further than the design alternatives we offer on our website Using design patterns and clip art that are ready to be customized with your group or event name, create your own Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday outfit designs. Yes, we are discussing the party of all parties. This year, if you’re going to Mardi Gras, you might as well go all out. Let the good times roll with Mardi Gras personalized clothing for those of you heading to the festival parties. Mardi Gras is a festival experience unlike any other, so if you want it to be truly memorable, you’ll need specially made attire. All of our Mardi Gras shirts can be customized by changing the product style, text, or color thanks to the great portfolio of designs that our gifted designers have created. With the option to customize, you may design anything, whether it’s for Mardi Gras or just to show your love for New Orleans.

Custom T-shirts, Customized Ladies, and Juniors apparel, Custom Sweat Apparel, Custom Embroidered Shirts, Customized Youth apparel


Personalized hats For Mardi Gras

In New Orleans, hats are an essential component of Carnival customs. You are more likely to blend in during Mardi Gras if you are sporting an outlandish dress or accessory. The absolute minimum is to wear hats or caps in the purple, green, and gold hues that represent Carnival. To assist you in creating the ideal ensemble that will be sure to get noticed at the event, we’ve put together a list of suggestions and pre-designed hats and caps. Popular headwear known as the “Capuchon” is frequently worn during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, especially in the French Quarter. This hat is certain to draw attention due to its cone-shaped shape, brilliant colors, and ornamentation. But we also provide custom caps for the celebration to modernize the hat custom. With your corporate logo or organization’s branding, this is beneficial for promotions. Look no further for your headgear thanks to these customized caps that promote your company while you participate in the biggest celebration of the year. We advise you to wear hats or caps that are easy to put on your head because Mardi Gras involves a lot of walking. Some employees may have to stand for extended periods while at workday. If you are one of them, it is essential that you carefully consider the headwear options they have made. Enjoy the festivities of Mardi Gras and hold onto every moment.

Customized Hats



It’s so much joy to celebrate Mardi Gras with your loved ones. There is singing, dancing, and a lot of colors as well. Make your guests smile from ear to ear by using our Mardi Gras party ideas, then let the good times flow. Mardi Gras is a celebration that anybody can partake in, despite its roots in Christian celebrations. It has changed into an occasion that is distinctive to New Orleans. Mardi Gras is now a time for eating, drinking, and general revelry. With our themed party options up top, start arranging your celebration with us. Message us here or give us a call right now.

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