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Every year March 8 is International Women’s Day. Today, women’s rights, equality, and accomplishments are recognized on this unique day by people all around the world. International Women’s Day has overtaken Thanksgiving as the second most popular holiday in the United States thanks to the growth of the Internet and social media. Brands have recently joined the worldwide celebration by incorporating gender equality into their corporate values. They use marketing initiatives for International Women’s Day as one method of empowering women. An essential event on a business owner’s calendar is International Women’s Day, and by extension, Women’s History Month, as it gives them the chance to examine these two issues more. It is a culturally and historically significant holiday observed on March 8th, to highlight the numerous contributions women have made to society as a whole and inspire everyone to take a step back and consider how the gender equality fight and, notably in business, more comprehensive workspaces can continue to core committee. So you’re in the perfect place if you want to join the celebration! We’ll now discuss some original concepts you can use in your marketing plan.


A banner saying “Happy International Women’s Day”

Making your clients remember Women’s Day doesn’t require you to be in person. Even a few minor stylistic adjustments at the entrance to your place of business, workplace, or even home can demonstrate to visitors that you care about the cause of Women’s Day. Customers will value being greeted by a “Happy Women’s Day” banner as they enter your establishment, whether it is at home or work. When creating your banner, keep in mind that the official colors of International Women’s Day are purple, green, and white.

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Highlight Staff Members

You shouldn’t merely honor the contributions of the women in your organization on Women’s Day. Although their coworkers probably already know how crucial women are to run any business, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to make this acknowledgment known to the general public. A terrific method to show your appreciation is to introduce your female personnel to consumers by showcasing a unique Women’s Day tale or announcement in the office and rewarding them with personalized pins. This will not only provide your visitors with a close-up view of the people behind your company, but it will also help your female staff members feel appreciated and seen.

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Participate In A Cause

Many groups are working to achieve equality for women. It will assist to draw some much-needed attention to an important subject if you utilize your platform to showcase a charity or organization that focuses on helping women. Giving out personalized wristbands or lanyards with the words “International Women’s Day” can help increase awareness of the value of women around the world and educate young people as well. Consider giving a portion of your March revenue to a women-run or women-focused charity if your company has the resources to go all out. If the entire month is not an option, the week or day of March 8th would be a better choice. Make sure your clients know the donation and specifics regarding the cause you select, whatever you chose.

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Present A Women’s Day Sweepstake

Giveaways at your company benefit both the client and the business. Consider the campaigns’ custom product content as free advertising. Customers are more inclined to trust your organization if you are promoting their firm or organization through customized goods like tote bags or paper bags. Additionally, it is fostering interactions between current and potential customers. Create a campaign in which your customers share their images with your company’s hashtag and ask them to like and share one of your posts. To encourage involvement, the giveaways paper bags, and totes should contain something beneficial for the customer. For instance, Create a social media post for Women’s Day, and invite your viewers to tag three women they admire. On March 8th, choose one winner to get a gift from the remaining entries.

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Empower Your Customers

An efficient strategy is to simply acknowledge that Women’s Day is special by sending out a personalized brochure wishing your customers a happy International Women’s Day. If done correctly, your customers won’t feel patronized but rather acknowledged. So style is important here. A welcoming statement and artwork are required on your brochure’s front page. Consider a motivational story illustrating how your brand has helped and benefited women. You may either showcase the experiences of many successful women in your field or tell the narrative of one exceptional woman possibly your company’s founder, if applicable. You might include a call to action inviting your customers to join you in celebrating by using a discount code in honor of these women.

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Organize A Women’s Day Celebration

While staging an in-person event is a terrific method to meet your customers in person are a fantastic way to reach a large audience. A gathering will promote brand awareness and a sense of camaraderie among your customers. There are several options for Women’s Day celebrations. An illustration would be planning a day of volunteer work at the women’s shelter in your area. Hosting a panel discussion with successful businesswomen who share their experiences would be another suggestion. Giving away mugs personalized with affirming words for the women attending your event is fantastic. Since everyone needs a coffee mug, you may select one and have it personalized with gorgeous women’s day quotes and other sayings you may have in mind. If you’re stuck for ideas, just personalize the mug with any sentiments you think would motivate your guests or just the phrase “Happy International Women’s Day.” These freebies would be adored and treasured by your visitors. Try original thoughts on the cup to make it different since a personalized mug is a go-to present for any occasion.

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Giveaway To Nominate A Loved One

Undoubtedly, your customers have female role models in their lives. One of the finest ways to honor International Women’s Day is to give them the means to support their loved ones through your online store. People appreciate sharing why the people in their lives are significant to them, and while a giveaway can be helpful from a marketing standpoint, it’s also a more personal way to connect. To conduct a giveaway, ask people to nominate women they know. By doing this, you’re creating a space for them to discuss the reasons they are selecting these possible recipients and a means for winners to earn some nice perks, such as a customized lip balm. Customers are more likely to connect with your business and its products thanks to this method, which also increases the social proof for your inventory.

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Looking for more suggestions on how to honor International Women’s Day with your online store? Visit our website at for more products that can be customized to promote Women’s Day, some additional special things, and some of our themed templates for your catchy designs. Call us right away or leave a message with your contact information below. Happy International Women’s Day we hope you enjoy using these tips!

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