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Through a drawing on your body, you can express yourself artistically through a tattoo. Most of us make snap judgments about people based on their body art. Others are also rejected from employment due to a tattoo. The majority of people view tattoos as merely an artistic compliment. These unique tattoos are appropriate for both adults and kids. Your tattoo can be personalized to your child’s tastes and make their day.

It is customizable, available in a variety of sizes, and allows you to make your own design and style. Since they are waterproof and can last for a few days after they are applied, they can make excellent giveaways and vividly promote your message. It can be worn as a general trait of the person or dedicated to someone else, At long-distance road running competitions, awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and school events, everyone who sees this tattoo at concerts and music festivals is sure to love it! this is a distinctive way to interact with people.  It looks good on the chest, triceps, biceps, and even on the cheeks or under the arms. Additionally, those who adore minimalist tattoos should choose this. The temporary tattoo examples that can be customized on our page are shown below, along with brief descriptions of each.



Mental Health Awareness Temporary Tattoo

As a means of encouraging about depression and would serve as a reminder to love yourself and keep going. It is a simple but elegant tattoo. Other options include adding a tiny heart next to the semicolon or changing the semicolon’s dot to a heart. With the aid of these semicolon temporary tattoos, you can also raise awareness of important mental health issues such as depression, suicide prevention, and others. Great for distributing at fundraisers and awareness events, as well as for showing support for loved ones who are coping with mental illness.


1.5 X 1.5 Custom Tattoos



HIV Awareness Temporary Tattoo

People with HIV are encouraged by these temporary tattoos. It also helps to educate people, especially today’s youth, about the importance of this issue for them. It is beneficial to use, particularly if you plan an event or fundraiser to raise money for HIV awareness, especially at this point when the issue is timely and relevant. By doing this, we can bring happiness and value to those who have suffered from this illness. You can exemplify to them that life is fun and interesting and that hardships can be overcome.


1.5 X 2 Custom Tattoos


Wedding Temporary Tattoo

If you’re deciding what to do for your wedding, do you want to join the hottest trends right now? This tattoo is a special way to enrich your marriage. This is advantageous for replacing the invitation card for the wedding you are planning, particularly for wedding planners. Because it is only temporary and is especially appealing to those who enjoy decorative tattoos, its visitors will be comfortable. You can express your love and support for the couple through this tattoo by enabling them to experience it. On the basis of the wedding theme, you can create your own design and style.


1.5 X 2.5 Custom Tattoos


Labor Day Tattoo Design

It is a way to honor the accomplishments of workers across a variety of fields. Show the people behind your company! Writing about your efforts this year and your future plans would be a good idea. Additionally, if you’re planning a party for your staff, temporary tattoos are the ideal way to remember the hardships of your employees and to show your love and support for them. In the eyes of your audience, it will enable you arise more human.


3 X 3 Custom Tattoos


Kids Birthday Tattoo For Fun

Temporary tattoos also referred to as fake tattoos, are short-term water-based tattoos that are safe for children to play with considering that they are simple to apply and have no negative effects on the skin where they are applied. These temporary tattoos’ superior constitution gives them the visual effect of real tattoos, making them the safest alternative to permanent ones. They also offer a non-permanent indelible mark of the image of temporary skin tattoos, which vaguely represents the design and feel of a real tattoo. The ideal addition to your child’s birthday celebration would be custom fake tattoos. By making tattoo designs with different cartoons and colors, you can fill the goodie bags with tons of fun. As a result, birthday parties can be more exciting and entertaining for both kids and adults.


4 X 6 Custom Tattoos

LGBTQ Pride Temporary Tattoo


The history of tattooing in the LGBTQ community is significant. People chose to tattoo iconic LGBT symbols on themselves to be recognized by other LGBTQIA+ people. LGBTQ temporary tattoos were used for secret messages. And in some ways, today’s LGBTQIA+ community may still find appeal in that. Temporary Tattoos make people more visible. They aid in expressing who you are and how you feel.  Sometimes determining your identity is the key element that completes the picture.


Custom LGBTQ Pride Temporary Tattoos


Before choosing a unique option for your product launch, you can evaluate or determine tattoo designs using our customized temporary tattoos. Our premium temporary tattoos can be used by people, businesses, institutions, and organizations to display amusing and promotional remarks. Due to the high aesthetic standard of their digital printing, they are perfect for application without causing any negative effects. Additionally, we cut each tattoo individually to ensure that they can be applied precisely and we offer full-color printing options in a variety of sizes. With our custom tattoo, your event will be more approachable and grateful. Even better, you could create your own tattoo by creating a logo or tagline for your business. It might be a humorous marketing tactic the business employs to advance the brand. Providing attendees with a fun activity after each event by letting them design their own tattoos is another option. For your own design and artwork you simply contact us or drop your information’s provided below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Buy only tattoos of retail quality, stay away from enterprises that print tattoos on inferior paper and ink. Our tattoos are individually drop-dead cut and made entirely in the USA. Beware that most Enterprises can’t produce tattoos that would be sold in stores and will ship you a sub-standard replacement that looks terrible when applied. Rest assured that we only use high-quality, skin-safe materials.

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