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Do you need to increase foot traffic at your place of business? You do, for sure! Put this personalized sandwich board outside your place of business to attract more customers and attention. Potential customers are more likely to notice a custom sandwich board than the window displays of shops, businesses, and restaurants on busy streets with lots of foot traffic. If you advertise with a sandwich sign placed in these areas of high foot traffic, you can engage potential customers with what you have for sale, daily specials, and deals. These sandwich boards are particularly good at catching people’s attention even when they are looking down in crowded walkways. A vibrant and humorous message will undoubtedly increase interest in your company and raise brand awareness.

This sandwich board sign, also known as a sidewalk sign, will draw attention to your company. This sign was made to be convenient and reusable, and it is lightweight and portable. The boards are available in three different sizes and are made of corrugated plastic. These robust Custom Sandwich Boards signs are a well-liked and adaptable form of sidewalk advertising. They are frequently spotted at festivals and fairs, as well as in shopping malls and outlets. Combining sandwich board signs with any of our custom sidewalk signs will help you develop a successful marketing plan for your establishment or event.


40 X 30 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards,  36 X 24 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards,  28 X 22 Inch Custom Sandwich Boards



This custom sandwich board can be used for a variety of events, including weddings, birthday parties, conventions, schools, etc. in addition to business purposes. This will facilitate in directing any visitors or guests who may be present at such events. I’ll give you a recommendations on how to create a custom sandwich board for your company that can attract customers on a busy street. Although the examples given below are merely suggestions, you can definitely come up with your own designs for taglines.


For Funny Restaurant Sidewalk Signs

For your restaurant, check out this sandwich board examples with humorous quotes!


1. Authenticity with customers

When you add humor to honest quotes, they gain more attention. Most of the people who are walking by are probably hungry. They all understand that when customers enter your store and make purchases, you make money. People will smile and take advantage of each other’s weaknesses thanks to this sincere sign.


36×24 Inch Restaurant Custom Sandwich Boards



2. Inform passersby that they will regret not entering

We enjoy dining. We also enjoy contemplating food. Use thought-provoking and humorous restaurant sidewalk signs to get people to reflect on the delicious food your establishment serves. Here’s an illustration:



40 X 30 Inch Restaurant Custom Sandwich Boards



Ideas for the Entertainment Bar Sandwich Board

Bars can gain a lot from this kind of local advertising, just like restaurants can. Here are some amusing sandwich boards for bars that you must use.


1. Even if the daily specials are on the menu, emphasize them

To draw customers, you don’t always need to offer a fresh daily special. This inventive bar sandwich board will attract customers and entice them inside to try your signature dishes.


40 X 30 Inch Bar Custom Sandwich Boards



2. Customize Well-Known Phrases

There are countless possibilities when coming up with humorous sandwich board quotes, so long as you allow your imagination to run wild. The ideal outdoor advertisement is a well-known quotation that has been tailored to fit your niche.


36×24 Inch Bar Custom Sandwich Boards


This was my variety of humorous bar sandwich boards to help you attract customers to your bars and restaurants. Your company will quickly reach its pinnacle of success if you use these suggestions and the best sandwich board sayings. To order your sandwich board online, use one of our templates or start from scratch. Let’s proceed.



Creative Sandwich Board Ideas for Barbershops and Beauty Salons

The hair and beauty salon is yet another industry that can benefit from outdoor advertising. If you pick the right sayings, people may begin to associate your salon with them. Additionally, they’ll spread the word about your clever sandwich board sayings. Once the word gets out, your customer base will diversify. Here are some suggestions to help you become famous.


1. Show Where the Source of True Beauty Is

True beauty originates internally, but where exactly? This is a fun way to let people know where real beauty comes from. However, be prepared for some criticism because not everyone will concur with you. However, you’ll undoubtedly attract attention from onlookers and draw traffic. After all, this is the objective.


36×24 Inch Beauty Salon Custom Sandwich Boards


2. Assistance in Decision-Making

Although changing your hairstyle is not simple, you are confident that your skilled team will succeed, right? They might use your sign to make a decision. Make people smile while guiding them toward a decision with this clever quote!




40 X 30 Inch Beauty Salon Custom Sandwich Boards



These illustrations are are merely examples and not limited to cafes, bars, and salons. These sandwich board sign ideas can be modified to suit the needs and specifications of your company by changing one or two words.

Create your sandwich board using one of our templates and our free sign design tool. Additionally, you can use the tool’s designer-made elements to improve already-existing images or upload an original image. If you have any questions about creating your own design for your business or such events, please contact us or leave your personal information’s below and we will happily assist you.

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