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Lanyards are ideal accessories to carry your identification document in a practical, safe, and visible way at all times. These hook straps are ideal for use in the office, at the university, at the club, or anywhere else you need to identify yourself frequently.

The utility of these laces is obvious, so they are in high demand and used in different sectors. Both in the labor, education, tourism, industrial areas, among others, lanyards are almost essential instruments.

Lanyards: practical and safe accessory

These tapes offer us a very comfortable and secure way to carry our identification credentials. This is extremely useful in facilities where we must use our cards to open doors or to identify ourselves with the security personnel and allow us access.

That is why in offices, universities, industrial areas, and in a large number of places, lanyards are used every day.

On the other hand, the lanyard models currently have a quick-release buckle, which is an emergency that allows us to pull and get rid of our lanyard to keep ourselves safe. These buckles were created with operational areas in mind where there is the possibility that our ID card is trapped by a machine or equipment, putting our physical integrity at risk.

Varied designs for everyone

Usually, these tapes are made of high-quality cotton or nylon material. They are soft so they do not cause discomfort to the neck, also they are resistant and easy to use.

The lanyards have an appropriate length so that your ID card is at a suitable height and is visible. It also has an ideal width to print any desired design.

These types of lanyards are perfectly adapted to any type of badge holder. So they are ideal to carry your company ID card, badges, access cards, driving license, vaccination card, etc.

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