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In this return to class, always refresh yourself by taking the tumblers of your choice. There are endless options in terms of the design of these airtight glasses, so you can select the ones you want.

Staying hydrated at all times is important, so you should take your tumbler with you to school, especially if you play sports.

Tumblers with rugged design

These containers are perfect to take to school since they are airtight and you can transport them without any problem in your bag or backpack. They also have a highly resistant design, so they will surely survive any fall or shock they may suffer.

Some models are made of 304 18/8 stainless steel, both inside and outside, and also have a vacuum insulation layer, to ensure the insulation of your drink. Your drink can stay cold and refreshing for hours, inside the tumblers.

On the other hand, the double layer of steel also prevents your hands from sweating so you can hold your glass for as long as you want. This makes it much easier for you to have your drink every time you need it.

Assorted accessories and models

To add a unique touch to your back to school, these glasses have countless models and very useful accessories.

You can opt for lids, straws, and a straw brush to complement your glass. These accessories are also made of sturdy material and do not break easily. The lids have silicone which provides an airtight seal, without leaks or spills and optimizing the thermal insulation of your tumbler.

Additionally, you can select the tumblers that you like the most from one-color or multi-color designs, to bring your refreshing drink to school in a fun way. If you prefer, you can opt for more elegant designs, such as the steel-coated one. You can also personalize your glass with images or phrases.

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