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How Lanyards Became Popular?

Lanyards have been very useful when promoting brands in different ways. With essential values, custom lanyards will contribute towards networking of your brand’s mottos, mission, and awareness statements.

Today, companies whether small or medium enterprises are requiring their employees to wear lanyards. As part of their branding standards, some industries need them for daily tasks for other important safekeeping. (for ex. hotel/accommodation, security and healthcare).

In some sectors or government, lanyards are used to describe schools, such as universities’ mottos and other college institutions. Additionally, if you manage events such as concerts, trade shows, and conference, it’s also use effective for implementing brand objectives. They come in handy in settings like private access or admission to an important VIP event or next business expo.

Efficient, simple to use, and practical!

Great for Marketing Tools

There are many promotional products available but lanyards are something you should never overlook. It displays your company’s branding effectively in just a simple strap. Here are other reasons why it became a simple yet effective tool for marketing. Lanyards are:

  1. Light and easy to carry
  2. Inexpensive to produce compare to other promotional tools
  3. An essential item to carry your keys, whistles or small electronic devices (USB)
  4. Durable enough to carry large devices such as smart-phones, tablets, and cameras
  5. Excellent recall value for souvenirs
  6. Stands out in the crowd

Now what?

Custom lanyards with low cost can bring high visibility for well-printed or well-woven prints. It is one of the most useful and practical promotional tools that you can take advantage of. Offers Quality Custom Lanyards

Designing and ordering promotional products online is easier than you think. Customize your own lanyards with a myriad of designs, logos, and texts.  

We have different types of custom lanyards. They are all collections that are affordable for you:

  1. Full Color
  2. Polyester
  3. Tube
  4. Satin/ Nylon
  5. Woven
  6. Blank Cord
  7. Blank Polyester
  8. Blank Double Clip
  9. Blank Rhinestone

We also carry other attachments can be added for your customized lanyards:

  1. Metal Necklace Ball Chains
  2. ID Badge
  3. Pre-Printed
  4. Plastic
  5. Zip Badges

You can choose the best for your needs with our array of print options, great designs with using durable materials.

You Design, We Create!

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