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Create baits in the form of banners for customers!

You know how newspapers and YouTube videos have click-bait titles that influence you into reading or viewing them, and the content is far from what the caption had said it would be? Well, banners are better versions of that; whatever they are displaying is offered. Yes, vinyl banners make for great marketing devices, be it for company tradeshows or debut businesses. Making custom banners do require a bit of brainstorming and creativity, but it is relatively easy once you start thinking about it. If you are still looking for some pointers, this guide will help you.


Firstly, pick a location for the banner.

It should be evident that the banner’s placement is an essential step to start the entire process. You can determine the size of your banner quickly if you know the location before anything else. For business purposes, consider options like against a grey cement wall, beside a movie theater, above the subway entrance, or your store’s door. It may be slightly different in tradeshows as the attendees usually will fill their booths with tradeshow banners. Judging by the area that you want your banner to be placed, select your preferred size. Choose from the bigger ones if you place your custom banner outside or in ample space, and the smaller ones would be better for indoor uses.


Use your creativity and get your message ready!

Right off the bat, you should get it in your mind that less is more in this case. Banners typically attract attention, but too much text can have the opposite effect. Since banners catch people’s eyes for about a second, having a short and sweet message will get you the most beneficial results.

Picture what you want people to do right after reading your custom banner and word your message accordingly. If you want to add a more personal touch, try to think what attracts you most about your business and put that in text. People tend to gravitate to banners that seem unique and direct, so craft a short, concise message that fits that exact criterion.


Lettering makes or breaks a good banner!

We have already been through how banners catch people’s attention for no more than a second, so the font size needs to be relatively big. Small fonts make the message quite hard to read from a distance or while moving. The distance between your target customers and your banner is equivalent to the height of the font. Keeping that in mind, choose font sizes that work well in the place the banner will be. If it is a public space, making the font as big as the banner can hold is the best option. 12″ to 15″ is an ideal font size if the banner is propped up high. If You place your personalized banner beside the street, not much height is needed; 3″ to 5″ will be more than enough.


Fonts and color schemes are the core of all banners!

No matter how much Palace Script and Freestyle Script may tempt you in choosing them, it would help if you controlled yourself. There is no denying that these fonts make things look fancier and more sophisticated, but an elegant look is not what you are trying to achieve with your banner. You want people to be interested in what your banner says, and that is not going to be the case if they cannot even read your message on the go.

Choose a classic font like Times New Roman or Georgia as people are familiar with reading texts in these fonts. Now, to start the vinyl printing process, you need to select the right color schemes. If you already have a pre-planned design for the background, then pick out a font color that contrasts with the setting. In the rare case that you do not have anything planned and are going for a minimalistic vibe, make the background either black or white, and the message is in reverse colors.


Lastly, set the hierarchy of the message and select suitable material for the banner.

Banner texts should not exceed more than three lines. Determine what part of your message you want to be highlighted and keep it in the center for easy viewing. Sub texts can go above and below it; it creates a nice illusion that is comfortable for the moving eye.

Vinyl is the best material for a banner as it is more durable. Our collection consists of cheap banners that are all made of 15 oz. of premium glossy vinyl. The designs are imprinted on the custom vinyl banners using high-quality digital printing. The banners do not feel cheap in any way, so do not be concerned about the affordable pricing. We build your custom banners substantially, and the reviews say no differently.

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